24 April 2016

Question = Teaser get

Anonymous "You ever think about doing picture previews? Just something to build hype for your weekly pieces of awesomeness. "
I could, if I didn’t work on my pictures during the weekends and publish on the same day(or on the next one). That leaves quite little time to post out any kind of teaser-picture.
That is if I get one done. This weekend I have not managed to make a new picture. Couldn’t decide which idea to go with. So here, have this teaser to peer at and try to figure out what it’ll be.
Also thank you for all the positive comments on previous picture.

17 April 2016

The hair is RED this time!

Time for new picture.
With last weeks picture of Urdina, I decided that I'll be making least one picture of my OC's in their new "HD" models.
This week I bring you my tiny redheaded firecracker: Brixi Hackspanner - The Ankle Breaker!
Last time Brixi had her own picture was back in November of 2010. Was about time to bring her back.

17th April "Brixi's S.E.L.F.I.E." [Gnome/Pinup/Aftersex]
Brixi just had to try out her new S.E.L.F.I.E. camera
after a flawless victory on bed.
Ps. I finaly fixed my gallerys captcha, so commenting there is working again.
Also for those who want to download my pictures, there is a small link under the picture when fullscreened (or using direct link in my tumblr posts).

10 April 2016

April the 10th: White hair.

New picture time it is. And this time I made something special. I dug out one of my old girls from the closet and dusted her off into "HD-levels". She last appeared four and half years ago. Geez! Some of you might not know her, but she is my other white haired one: Urdina dé Mercury - from the south-east sea.

10th April "Tending your Steed" [Human/Horse/Zoophilia/Oral]
Urdina tends and nurses her steed daily to creat a lasting bond,
that can save her life during duties in the Argent Crusade.

04 April 2016

Licking in April

New picture time.
April already, time sure flies by fast!

4th April "Quest for Hard Candy: Part 2" [Nelf/Lesbian]
Lunash continues on her quest for the best hard candy on Azeroth.
While in Ashenvale, she befriended with a fellow elf, who wanted to help her on her quest in any way.