19 July 2015

Furrtastic post

Surprise update out of the blue!

That's right, back on Sunday schedule(s)!
Time for something more furry for a change. Don't worry, it's not furry-porn... or well, it is, as they all have fur on them and other anthropomorphic traits.
Tried few new things on this picture, but they are barely visible and mostly just for me - which makes me quite happy with this picture.

19th July "Furbolg Frenzy" [Pandaren/Furbolg/Threesome]

Pandaria is full of bear-like anthropomorphic humanoids,
but also up north on Northrend lives another race of bear-like anthros
in their huge city of Grizzlemaw.

Have a good Sunday!

14 July 2015

Part two of Part 2

Publishing again a new picture on a Tuesday! Apparently my schedule is "messed up" and has moved from Sunday to Tuesday. Guess it doesn't really matter on what day I post my pictures out, as long I do post them out for the googling eyes.
Again with Selanars bottom? Geez, I'm running out of ideas!
Actually there is no fear of that. I have more ideas than I ever could make pictures out of.

14th July "Legacy Bottom Part 2" [Draenei/Gnome/Lesbian]

There are some legacies you want to share with people.

07 July 2015

Beginning of July!

Hello etc. etc. etc. etc.

Time for more

Legacy Selanaar!


And surprise surprise, it's her showing off her big behind. After I had finished this picture, I noticed that I have done quite many pictures of her showing her hindquarters more than anything else :D Funny, eh?
And I know I'm two days late, mainly because last week was like hell. It was sooo hot outside and the air was humid as a soaked dog.

7th July "Legacy Bottom" [Draenei/Pinup]
There are some legacies you want to show to people with big pride.