It's Friday the 13th!

Not that it should matter, since the real day is Thursday the 26th.
Why? Because back in 1500's, we did change from Julian calendar into Gregorian calendar.
This meant that 13 days were skipped forward.

But enough of history and take this quick silly picture that I fully made in old-school style.
I only used my mouse and didn't edit anything expect the mould(yes, I know it says moldy in the picture)!
  • 13th September."Pandaria Friday the 13th" [Filler/Pandaren/NonEro]

    In Pandaria, foods gets all moldy if not eaten instantly on Friday the 13th!

Also as a side note. If anyone would stumble across Selanaar and Selsel Lunarswimmer in F-List, do not freak out that they were stolen.
They are mine so no one stole my characters. Least for these two, hehe.

Anyways, just a silly quick post before I find actual time for a real update.