31 August 2009


So so sorry for everyone and all my loyal fans and fanatics.
I was ment to post a while ago but I couldn't due to many events that was in the way to make those pictures. This was when I was ment to publish three pictures, so I added one more, four pictures.

BUT! On Sunday when I was supposed to finish the last picture, I was informed and also found out myself, that my W0W account was keylogged and all my characters expect Sel(because she was lvl80 and had maxed mining) and Kagawah who was -untouched-... don't ask me why he was left, I don't know... I don't understand many of the things when I finaly did get the account back, with the help from propably the best GM in a while that was working on that morning :3

So so, that's my W0W gaming at the moment, and so I this morning made a picture bit related to this event xD

    Hatred is unvoidable![DarkSel/Gore]
    Nothing much to tell, just letting out some steam at a Ch1n@m4n who stole my account ^^

    Exotic investigator[Heter/Tease]
    Just a tease picture for you lurkers of my beloved Urdina<3
    Urdina, on her quest for the Light and finding her father, had to time to time use the weapon many women use when they wish to get their ways through with some men. Urdina doesn't really wish to use this, but the ways of Azeroth has thought her that it might be the only way if she wants to end her quest before it's too late.

    Heated-Up Exotic Goods[Threesom/Anal]
    This was kind of experimental picture because of the positions made some parts of the bodies hard to make without doing them from tiny tiny pieces, like Urdinas vagina... >_>,
    Urdinas journey had led her to Kalimdor as she tried to find clues in Theramore and the settlements near it, but only found some rumors telling to travel up north through Barrens.
    After days of treking under the burning sun of Barrens, she stumbled across with two traveling Draeneis, who offered her some company as they were headding to North aswell. Urdina couldn't decline this offer from such creatures that really facinated her from their pure touch with the Light and their exotic looks.

    Respect the Elders[YAOI/Threesome]
    In his never ending quest for becoming a better Shaman, Kagawahs path had led him up north to Northrend, facing many dangers there, but also the kind and strong Taunka people. With their knowladge of harsh climate and Shamanishm, Kagawah offered his help and anything they wanted to learn the ways and knowladge.
    Two of the Elders accepted his offer and told him to visit them after sunset at their hut for the ritual offering.

    Friends with Benefits[YAOI/Blowjob]
    Due to Kagawahs looks, he is many times used for sexual pleasures, but some also wish this to bound their friendship to become stronger, others just can't hold their fingers off his body.

05 August 2009


To Lordearon and beyond![Non-erotic
Sorry sorry! This was ment to be posted last week but I've been quite busy once again and this week I got rather good and personal reason why not to make more, but enjoy!
Far beyond the sea and distant lands came men with thirty ships, had wanted to reach Tirisfal by night,
but the weather was not on their side and as the wind grew stronger and stronger, the rain ran down our cheeks the bow was turned towards Eversong

Lordearon and beyond! That's where the winds will us guide! For fame and for gold, set sail for those lands unknown the sail flew up again!

Untill next time, my fellow lurkers and Vrykls! *ROARS*