23 December 2013


Merry Christmas! Hyvää Joulua! Gud Jul! Etc etc Happy Holidays!

Out of the blue, once again, I post out a new picture with "last gen" picture style.
This time, it's Gen 3, but I'm sure no one even bothers with these infos.

Anyway, I'm once again late as always, but just in time for Christmas.
Sorry for all to keep people waiting, I've had quite active, yet lazy life the past two months, so I didn't get any picture done.
With that away from the way, here is this years Christmas picture! Nothing too fancy and flashy, but still something nice and simple.
  • 23th December."Hyvää Joulua from Selanaar!" [Draenei/Non-Ero]

    Happy Holidays, Christmas, Yule and whatever you celebrate! 2013!

20 November 2013

What in the blue?

Out of the blue, I'm already posting out a new picture!

But what is this? This one actually looks like a old-school "manip-style" picture I used to do.
That is correct. I found this one in my WIP folder and decided for laughs to continue on it in it's original style.
With few changes into the WIP, I made the picture as closely as I used to do with -VERY- little editing apart from smoothing and
enlarging few places. Other wise, there are are no added elements, expect the tendrils, as those are quite a fuckers in the in-game models.
Sure there might be some odd looking elements in the body parts, but that's just WoW in-game for you and
me not editing in the style I used to do before my current "style" that I've never really been happy with(except with some pictures).

  • 20th November."Midnight Romance" [Draenei/Human/Lesbian/Non-Ero]

    Legacy-styled picture out in the blue!

18 November 2013

Green Package!

Evening and hello Monday or Sunday, think it's Monday already even at the west coast of the US or so.

This time, surprisingly already after a week, I have a new picture for you which is a requested one.
Was quite fun again to work with Goblin, but I still have lot of WIP stated pictures I need to finish before next WoW expansion
comes out with the new models and animations to study and learn from.

But without further ado, here you go, bask in the glory of the green skinned person!

  • 18th November."Green Package" [REQ/Goblin/Pinup/Herm]

    I got a short package for you. said the Goblin.
Hope least someone enjoys this as much as the requester did.

10 November 2013

What is this?

Hello now all.

First of all the usual thank you to everyone who posted and did enjoy my Halloween picture. Love you all!

Oh and guess what. I started working on new Selanaar picture, but I suddenly did hit a wall - AGAIN!
So yet another WIP is among all the other WIP pictures in my computer.
Told to few of friends of mine about this and one did suggest to try out new things - such as other games.
I tried long and hard to think of a game that I could easily work with.

That brings us here today!
I don't know will this be only a one time thing or will the coming pictures all be from this game or maybe from others.
Only time will tell that to me and possibly to you people.

So here, please enjoy this brown butt of a Orcette from Skyrim!

  • 10th November."Bronze Cushions" [Orc/Pinup/Skyrim]

    Small break, testing new things like Skyrim.

Still trying to find my own path and style - like always.

31 October 2013

Halloween '13

Hello hello hello!

A ghost from the past, like a ancient wind someone farted months ago, I have returned!
And just in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead! ...which we don't celebrate up here in Finland
(expect day of the dead but with different name to remember dead ones and saints... All Saint's Day, so um... forget it!).

So yeah, it has been over a month of nothingness here or in the blogs.
It's the usual: Lack of motivation to work on pictures.
I have tons and tons of ideas and inspiration, but lacking the spirit to finish anything.
I have loads and loads of WIPs on my computer, but none of them are even half finished.
But hey, least I did get this one done in time(and another picture but it's hidden for another date).

Please enjoy this picture of someone quite familiar to many of us.
I found her grave and chanted some hymns and spells to capture this photo of fiction.

  • 31th October."Wind from the Past" [Draenei/Pinup]

    Hallow's End is here and soon Day of the Dead!
    With these special days, lost love ones and spirits roam
    the lands of the living, celebrating and having fun time.
    Also here's Selanaar as a ghost!

13 September 2013

13th silly!

It's Friday the 13th!

Not that it should matter, since the real day is Thursday the 26th.
Why? Because back in 1500's, we did change from Julian calendar into Gregorian calendar.
This meant that 13 days were skipped forward.

But enough of history and take this quick silly picture that I fully made in old-school style.
I only used my mouse and didn't edit anything expect the mould(yes, I know it says moldy in the picture)!
  • 13th September."Pandaria Friday the 13th" [Filler/Pandaren/NonEro]

    In Pandaria, foods gets all moldy if not eaten instantly on Friday the 13th!

Also as a side note. If anyone would stumble across Selanaar and Selsel Lunarswimmer in F-List, do not freak out that they were stolen.
They are mine so no one stole my characters. Least for these two, hehe.

Anyways, just a silly quick post before I find actual time for a real update.

09 September 2013

Thank you thank you

Thanks to you all!

Feels really nice to be back and "working" with my hobby besides playing games.
With this I'll have so many WIP-pictures just waiting to be finished in the coming weeks.
But I tell you, the coming weekend (14-15 Sep.) I'm working at the nukeplant, so I most likely won't be doing anything
because I'm all worn out no doubt.

Until next time!

07 September 2013


Play the fanfares, as I have returned!
Or least the kazoos, please.

Yes I have once again returned and got new pictures to show to you people, specially those who have been waiting for me with patience.
I cannot type praises enough for you who are still follow and watching my posts. Many hugs and kisses for you all beautiful people!

Now then, the pictures, yes yes.
I have two new picture and one bonus picture for you, so let me show you them now.
  • 7th September."Alpha to The Top" [Troll/Male/Solo/Gay]

    If there is some things most races miss when it comes to compare with trolls,
    is that the Forest Trolls of northen lands have the biggest genitals.

  • 7th September."Pet of Zulian Tribe" [Troll/Beast/Heter/Penetration]

    Thought Zulian Trolls are tried to take over the world
    using demigods and massive armies to shed blood across the lands.
    They still need something to R&R. Some of them have taken the use of pets of various races.

There we go! Two new pictures and both are troll related.
Fun fact, the one with the big balled male, the picture has been done for the past four weeks.
I didn't want to post it out alone and wanted to make another picture to be posted out with it.
So it was waiting a month before I finally did get another picture done... after getting my computer back up and running.

Not really what you people were expecting, but some of you already know that fact of me.

Now for the bonus picture.
My dear friend Ethernal/Tolarean drew another new picture for me, this time of Selsel, the Panda Selanaar.
Here is the result that we managed to end up with:
  • 7th September."Selsel Plum Brews" [Pandaren/NonErotic]

    Selsel giving out free samples of her Plum-brew.
    Commission by Tolarean/Ethernal. 2013.

I love the drawing hehe.
So here was all for now and hopefully I won't make you all wait yet another month before new pictures will come out.
Maybe two weeks, as I'm pretty sure I'm working next weeks weekend.

Anyways, thanks and cya!

28 August 2013

Crazy Days


Nearly a full month this time and more to come.
No idea why I hadn't posted anything here before now.

I'm terribly sorry for not posting anything new in the past weeks/month.
My life has become quite busy and clusterfucked by events and travels.
Nothing bad so to speak, but lot has been happening.
Earlier this month I had my "summer vacation" which sucked all my motivation for everything,
I didn't do anything expect watch viral videos and help with my brothers home.
After those weeks my work at the nuclear-power plant started and I've been working 12hour days since last weeks Monday(even on weekend), so I've been quite limited with free time and energy.

As a cherry on top, recently bought a new CPU for my table-computer.
Old as I am, I had only checked that -some- AM3 socketed motherboards can be upgraded to support AM3+, but not this one.
So there goes more days to wait for new Motherboard, since the only computer-shop here closes doors before I get home from work.
So I played waiting game until last Friday when it arrived. I fixed everything up and used few hours to get it up and running.
Then it was to fight with old motherboards drivers and systems that didn't want to be uninstalled at all. Along with the fact that the new MB doesn't support IDE-cables, only SATA's and my DVD-player uses IDE-cable.
So installing the MB's drivers wasn't that hard with the use of USB memorysticks.
All hell broke loose though on Sunday, when this smart ass, me, decided after a long defragmantation and windows updating to update his BIOS.
If only he knew and wouldn't just gotten lazy with that and hadn't decided to "spare some time" by doing so.
Bluescreen of Death.

It's Wednesday evening after 8PM as I write this, currently I'm formating my 1TB harddriver after saving all items I do NOT wish to lose EVER.
So yeah... I managed to downgrade the bios, but it wasn't enough. Something had messed up so badly with the combined powers of windows and bios.
Better off formating the driver and saving all my photos, documents, WIPs and other art items to my other HDD.

What else can I say? I made a huge mistake and have to pay it sloooowly.
Luckily I do have my laptop, WiiU and Lumia900 to keep me "online", but it isn't the same as tablecomputer.
Specially when it comes to work with pictures! I have never been able to focus on my pictures when trying to work with
my laptops. I just can't. There is something that doesn't feel right at all and I can't pin-point it at all.

I hope this long "message" will clear out the questions where I am for the few of you out there.
And I hope this all will work out and I'll slowly get back to work with all the pictures I have in progress.

30 July 2013

Quicky Gnome

Look at the time go past!
Few days turned into a week and a week turned into two!
I can see the bad cop and good cop scenario already, asking where I've been.

Working and being huge lazy ass. NEIGH!

Those who are/were expecting for another picture of Janilja, I have to tell that one is on the way.
The picture is actually nearly finished, but I came into some colouring difficulties which has put it into a full halt.
Along with it, there are two other pictures on the work with "matching" theme on them all.
But now, here I have a new picture, a rather quickly made picture, but quite nice if you ask from me.
30th July."After Twilight" [Gnome/Pinup/Solo]

Leaving the Twilights isn't a easy task,
especially with the fear of death looming over one.
Some embraces the death willingly, others stays hidden.
Few lucky ones might be saved by brave heroes,
whom one might rewards in a way or another.

And yes, the face-paintings are what those old old Twilight models use with Gnomes.
Her hair in the other hand is something unfamiliar for the game, but I like it.
Also as can be seen, I did once again do small experiments with the style - mainly the hair.

17 July 2013

New new new! See now! Forget tomorrow!

New new new! See now! Forget tomorror!
Welcome welcome! Come in, come in!

Come and see the new picture of small artist!

We have quite a show this time! Something very unique and new to be seen!

Glance your eyes up on this!
17th July."Janilja Lunarswimmer, The Mute Yellow Veterinarian" [Nelf/Pinup/Solo]

Mute from birth, Janilja has learned to use her long elven ears to enhance
her expressions while using handgestures.
Priestess of the Moon, she has specialized into healing the war-sabers and
hippogryphs using the powers of the moon goddess.

As it could be seen, I made a picture of my newest character, first nelf I've made in ages.
In fact, I can't remember when I last did do a picture with or about a nelf.
Better later than never, eh.
Also, I decided that from now on, I will shrink the actual picture by 25%.
This will make them fit the screen lot better, even if you have a high resolution.
Sure you won't get the feeling of being face glued to the character any more, the fact still stays there.

08 July 2013

Blame the game!

Hello everybody, yes you few people!

I know I'm a week late and got only one picture to give out.
Reason for that? Here:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the weather that we Nordic barbarians can't handle.

What to tell like every time...
For starters, I tried out something "new" with this picture and mixed old with new.
You can clearly see that I had re-made the goblin, while I left the Pandaren untouched with few fixing here and there.
Due to the higher polygon count and texture-quality of the Pandarens, it doesn't look half bad in my own opinion.
Hope this does fit nicely into peoples likes after getting back to "normal" after that Ogre.

Onto the picture!
8th July."Grinding for Tillers Rep." [Pandaren/Goblin/Straight/Oral]
Time is money, specially when working on faction reputations.

17 June 2013

Wait what?

New picture time!

Before we begin, I like to tell that I took one step backwards with the "graphical style"
due to the feedback I did get from people I know and through the blog.
So for this picture I used the previous "style" that tries to mimic yet give more flesh out feeling of
something between 3D-art and drawing... or something. I can't find anywhere any works that even resemble the "style"
I use in my pictures. Is it good or a bad thing? I don't know.

Now onto the picture.
What to tell about it?
I've had the idea for it for quite some time now and the reason why it was chosen now over any other ideas,
was simply because I couldn't decide what to make - so I made a friend of mine decide for me.
I gave him three options to choose from with varies ideas into them and he did choose this one.
So if you don't like the picture(which I'm quite sure over half of you won't),
part of the blame can go to him for choosing this picture over the other ideas.
But you know me by now, or not, that I love doing out of the comfort-zone pictures.
All those female variations of in-game races with no female models are proof of that.

So do please enjoy this picture, if you can.

17th June."Two-Headed Ogress" [Ogre/Pinup/Futa]

If you thought female Ogres were rare, the ones with
large milk-glands and male genitals is 1:5,000,000.
Only because two-headed female ogress are so rare,
compared to the male ones with three head.

And why is the Ogre an futa? Because it's more funnier.

04 June 2013

New style yet again?

Hi everybody!

Time again for a new picture. This time there is only one.
The picture was meant to be out already back on last Sunday, but Finland was hit hard and heavy by heat waves.
Not that the burning sunlight is the problem, it's the dry air full of pollen from trees and flora in the air.

What's new in this picture then, you might ask.
Well first of all I tried once more on a "new" style with more bolder edges and colouring.
You can easily see that she and her clothing look less shaded with a brush, when in this one they are made with "objects".
So yet another experimental and teasing picture - think this is yet another step further away from "Manips" than before,
since before my pictures were something between 3D-art and actual "drawn" art.

Oh right, the picture!
4th June." Ms. Traveling-Librarian" [Draenei/BBW/Non-Ero/Tease/Solo]

Ms. Selanaar Tallulah pre-Cataclysm at Stormwind Library.
Also new try on style and colours.

20 May 2013


I'm not dead, I'm not dead!
Not that surprising, but still! I haven't left yet!

I'm deeply sorry for making everyone to wait over an month for new pictures(all seven of you).
I don't really have any proper reason this time either. I can only say that having too many ideas does at times suffocate all ideas and motivation.
I had big idea three weeks back. I had one for the Children's Week. I had two for week after that.
But all those went down because having too many ideas and too lively imagination and flying inspiration.

I'm sorry again - this is a dear hobby for me, so I do like to keep it up and going before I have a real reason to stop doing these.

So... here you have -THREE- new picture - that I was supposed to post out already last night... Geez.

And you guessed it.


20th May. "Evening Bath"[Pandaren/Female/Non-Ero/Tease]

Teasing Pandapanda is a teasing one, even when all soaked in bathtub.

20th May. "Twins of Coalpaw"[Pandaren/Lesbian/Oral/Nude]

Big comfy feather-bed and soothing air of southern Kun-lai.What more can twins with passion ask for.

20th May. "Way to hearth is through the belly"[Pandaren/Goblin/Heter/Cum/Nude]

Way to Pandaren's heart is through the belly.
Sex is also a good way to boost the effect.

17 April 2013

Panda panda panda!

Hello once again, my few people in here.

Yes, I know. I did skip Easter and Noblegarde this year. I did have a picture planned, believe me!
But myeah, you should know me already so well that it wouldn't be surprising. Besides, it was my off-week in the first place.

So why this odd midweek post then?
That is because I have a new picture to publish... which I started to work on already back on Sunday(14th).

I don't know what really was the reason why it took this long. So I'll put it under the "loss of motivation" excuse.
But here is the picture anyway AND in two different editions!

17th April. "Selsel "The Paddler" Lunarswimmer (Female edit)"[Pandaren/Female/Pinup/Nude]

Female edition of Selsel "The Paddler".

17th April. "Selsel "The Paddler" Lunarswimmer (Futanari edit)"[Pandaren/Futa/Pinup/Nude]

Futanari edition of Selsel "The Paddler".

And yes, it is Selanaar as a Pandaren - thou without the scars. Darn fur.

If you scrolled this down, kudos for you.
I am publishing as well three drawn pictures of Selanaar, done by a good friend of mine.
Eternal from HF used to post drawing back in the old forum, but since then moved away.
I really like these three pictures and wanted to share them with you all and not just upload them into my gallery.
He doesn't yet have many pictures out in HF, but I assure you that he is a really good artist and has gotten quite
well over the past year with his drawings and colouring!
Go check his few previous pictures at his HF profile----> CLICK HERE FOR LINK
--->And here is his FurAffinity profile page with more of his work<--- font="">

He also have done lot more pictures of Sel, that I have already posted into my gallery a year ago.

17th April. "Warrior-Mother, Selanaar"[Draenei/NonEro]

Art by Eternal of Selanaar in her new warrior phase before MoP. 2013.

17th April. "Warrior-Mother Having a Break" [Draenei/Nude/Pinup]

Art by Eternal of Selanaar in her new warrior phase before MoP, having a bath. 2013.

17th April. Librarian from Telderor"[Draenei/NonEro]
Art by Eternal of Selanaar still at her "prime time" as a librarian before life-scarring events. 2013.

31 March 2013

Bootylicious Sunday!

Happy Daylight Saving!

Right, what to type here this time?
Well, between the -TWO- new pictures, I would say I did give more love fore the one with the Goblin.
Why? Because my slightly annoying nature to keep the characters as close to their in-game looks as possible.
Causing to make a female Hozen quite difficult, but not impossible... at some levels.
I know that it isn't my best picture but you cannot blame me for trying to make a female Hozen.

What comes to the Goblin, Slinzy, he/she had been waiting for a proper introduction picture for a long time.
He/She has previously been in a picture with Brixi, kissing in a steamy room(2010).
He/She has also been in one of those "silly" comics with Selanaar(2008).
Both pictures were done back in ancient time when Goblins had basically one model for female and male,
hence why he/she looks so different in them all.

Why am I typing both genders when it comes to Slinzy you might ask. That is because I'm leaving his/hers gender for the viewer to decide.
He/she might have a big bubbly behind and quite a package of testicles and flaccid penis, but above his/hers flat chest there is a very smooth and pretty/cute looking face.

31th March. "Slinzy "Copper Ears" Zlickcheek" [Goblin/Pinup/Nude/Tease]
Introduction picture for "enigmatic" Goblin: Slinzy Zlickcheek.
One can try to figure our Slinzy's gender when gazing
between that smooth face and those bubbly rump with a neat package.

31th March. "Calm Yet Playful Monkey" [Anthro/Hozen/Pinup/Nude/Tease]
It is a sly female Hozen, what more can you ask for?

18 March 2013

Excuses excuses!

A mini-update for now.
I'm actually quite pleasantly surprised of the reactions towards the fishy fish picture.
As in, I'm not surprised there wasn't nearly anything shared to me of it.
Is that a good or a bad thing? Possibly more good than bad.

Why no picture last weekend(16-17th March)?
I got ill.
Once again.
This time with fever.
So the picture is postponed until I'm well again.

So here have a picture of a Orcette from Skyrim, asking for your patience.

Clicking on the image makes her Noctural robe disappear.

10 March 2013

Fishy fish

Update marineteraria!
(Not a real word)

Welcome once again to this secluded topic for yet another mind boggling picture!

It has been a while once again, but you all know me by now.
I could type here bunch of reasons but I'll only add one new one to the list: Cross-country Skiing.

Anyway, before the picture I would like to tell few things of it.

  • It isn't world first picture of a female.
  • The pose and over all idea of the picture was come up way before I saw the drawn picture in rule34

10h March. "Golden Fish of the Forest" [Jinyu/Nude/Pinup]

The Jinyu are very closed race towards non-Pandaren people.
Yet, there are very few records of an Pandaren seeing a female Jinyu -
who are very closely guarded by the warriors of the tribe.
With the help from the Alliance, some of the eluding women of the race
dared to come out from their hiding into the sunlight.

Like I stated, this isn't the very first female picture of an Jinyu - this is: http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/969051#search=jinyu
And as I stated. I was searching some tips and guides how to make the females head when I stumbled across this picture.
The shy pose was quite a coincidence as I had thought the same myself from how the in-game Jinyus reacted towards you.

And once again due to this idea and inspiration, I had to push all other works to the side. Inspiration doesn't care what is on the table!
Plus, this picture was planned to be done already last weekend, but another idea popped up on my mind and all the skiing took my time.

 Originally Posted by niliko

Cube you are always doing the right things. Keep up your work, i love it! <3 br="">Little notice from me: Sarizka should get a new picture, with her painting skills and her posing girls. My opinion, i only want to give you an idea for a new picture. *g*
Greetings and kisses!
Huh... I think I know the perfect idea for that idea. Thanks for reminding me of her/him!

14 February 2013

Happy Friends Day!


What? I mean Valentines Day in Finnish, as we celebrate it to remember as well our friends, not only love-one.
I think I did tell about this already a year back or so.

Anyways. While I would have used the new Sel&Urdi picture for this cause.... I was slacking and didn't finish it - yet.

So um... I actually rushed with this picture to give you people least something.
Also this is my very first picture with a Pandaren.

Pictue time!
14th February. "Three Unlikely Friends" [Dwarf/Orc/Pandaren/Nude]

To calm down a fight might just take the smallest thing.
To calm down a fight between a Blackrock Orc and Dark Iron Dwarf - long time rivals is no easy task.
But a single Pandaren and five kegs worth of mead
soothed the war maidens - least for the night.

Next time, more Urdina and Selanaar - promise!

01 February 2013

Comment answering time!

Comment answering time!

First blog:

 Originally Posted by Anonymous January 30, 2013 at 2:08 AM
Yes yes YES.
The only way to improve on this is to do more of it, amazing cube
Thank you and remember to take your Ritalin pills.

 Originally Posted by Duderino January 30, 2013 at 2:13 AM
Oh my word. Fan service indeed.
10/10, just straight up, awesome work cube.
"...and here is the FIRST one"
Th... there's more? ;_; MY HEART
This could be the best set of pictures you ever make.
Can't help on the different web portals, I just check the blog, but you should post anywhere you can, let more people know of your greatness!
I wouldn't rate this 10/10 myself, but thanks! And yes, there will be more of the two together.

 Originally Posted by whoyou January 30, 2013 at 2:16 AM
Holy hell WAY too hot. You spoil us Cube.
I find Sel's scars a BIT less distracting this time, but they still take some getting used to.
Your faces look better this time around, good job! Its strange that the low-polygon wow model heads are so hard to compete with.
Its a shame Urdina's massive boobs are blocked out, but it doesn't change the fact that the picture's amazing It may be unrealistic, but honestly absurdly stupidly huge tits, ass, thighs etc really compliment your style, so feel free to go nuts
I'm not spoiling anyone... or least I thought so, as I thought people still were only after futa pictures, glad you proved it wrong.
The scars are here to stay, luckily I scrapped the idea I had long ago to make Urdina to be the one with full of scars. And yes, even with the low-polygon faces, I do take model after them to give the characters more clear touch and feel from the game.
I can't remember if Urdina had huge breasts and just a wide hip, been long since I made a picture of her.
And thank you again, it is my style to do more curvier and bigger then skinny with large breasts and cocks.

 Originally Posted by Anonymous January 30, 2013 at 2:17 AM
Nuff said, 5/5 Sel and Urdina DA BESS
And cube too, cube da bess
Hands off, save that energy for later time. Thanks as well.

 Originally Posted by Anonymous January 30, 2013 at 9:13 AM
Yay! Looks brilliant. ^^
Thank you!

 Originally Posted by Anonymous January 30, 2013 at 10:42 AM
I can't get enough of the huge tits and asses, HNNNGGGGGG
Maybe your body is ready, but your mind isn't! Bwahahahahaaa!

 Originally Posted by Anonymous January 30, 2013 at 2:01 PM
Such an amazing pic, I'd feel guilty giving constructive criticism to such amazingness.
As for a new portal for content, I'd try everything, let more people see your amazing goods!
Do not feel guilty, as I -need- those constructive criticism over everything else! How else can I get better if no one tells me anything?

 Originally Posted by Anonymous February 1, 2013 at 4:33 AM
Dude, I just saw you off a random link from google, and HOLY CRAP your stuff is AWESOME
GJ dude
Wut? From a random link from Google? Please do share that with me and spread the word around, thanks!

The forum posts:

 Originally Posted by Zylo
You can never do any wrong with those two <3 br="" gorgeous="" picture="">And you can try out Celestial Temptations I think, I know that's where a handful of DN artists went to after the SM thread was closed
Thanks for the pleasant comment and myes, I've had that site in mind but I apparently forgot about it. I'll keep it in mind this time.

 Originally Posted by masaknight
Not bad Cubie! But to be honest I still believe that a lot of your early work is still better, maybe that is because I am a fan of the old Selanaar. ^.^
Yes, you are fan of the old blocky in-game model Sel. 

And one rare gallery comment!

 Originally Posted by Lurker_Anonz Jan 30, 2013 at 01:06 AM
Next time, less caps-locking, please.
Also, you are awarded with a imaginary medal for being brave enough to post into the gallery!

And that's all for this time. I'll be trying to post new picture within two weeks - unless this fever won't leave me alone.

Until next time, SPREAD THE LINKS TO MY SITE AND BLOG!!! Bakaras.com (directs to my blog)

29 January 2013

Fan delivery.

It is time once again to emerge from my slumber and with great haste work up a picture.
So here we are. Which many comments posted into my blog, people were quite eagerly yearning to see Sel with Urdina
and here is the first one.

I do know that both of them might look different what they've looked like in previous pictures.
That is the risk with the style I work with... plus this is the first time Urd is made with this style.

Hope you'll like it.
29th January. "Lasting Friendship" [Draenei/Human/Lesbian/Nude/Oral]

From the very first day they met, their friendship has stayed strong and
close with deep trust and passion to each other.
Scars does fade away, friendship stays.

Also I wanted to point out, that since Azerothica is down now, I lost one portal where I post.
So I am once again asking if people would know where else I could post or least advertise my work in.
HF and DevianArts are out from the list right away. HF for reasons that they didn't accept my picture there.

Thanks again and until next time!

15 January 2013



Well, it took me two weeks but hey, I'm back again to poke the few people around.

Nothing much to tell as updates, life is slow and dull at times. Although I've started to ski.
And NO, I don't mean downhill skiing, but actual skiing what you might know as cross country-skiing. Bloody Englishmen.

Anyways, this new picture is actually an request I was sent back during December and I thought what the heck,
been a while since I done a request or even a futaSel picture.
15th January."Diplomatic Meeting at Neutral Lands" [Draenei/Belf/Futa/Oral]

Saphayia is a travelling diplomat, venturing in a mission around the world.
Whilst in booty bay, she met Sel and spoke to her, forming a relationship with benefits.

Few minor pointers for people that might be looking at the picture oddly.

  1. The Belf might look oddish, but that is cause she is hunched down and turned her back in a angle, hard to see I know.
  2. The new look of Sel is 'cause of late events at the end of Cata-expansion. Her arcane powers where stripped of her and she was tortured, hence the scars and the broken horn you cannot see.
  3. Sel is smoking some healing/soothing herbs on her pipe. No, it's not weed what we use in this world.