28 June 2016

The hair is trying to be coal black

Happy Midsummer!

What? It was already last weekend? RATS! I'm late! Yet again...
This time, my reason is, Midsummer. It is very sacred time for us Finns, time when we all go out to chant pagan songs around huge bonfires fuelled with fire from Manala(Nether/Hell) and drink so much until least six to twenty people drown. Oh and we play also play Mölkky for an hour or two.

Now that is out of the way, time for the picture.
I never really properly introduced this Dwarf back when I created her. I tried to ask the community how
to make her stand out from other busty Dwarves and especially my other Dwarf, Belvala. Needless to say, it didn't work out as I wanted, so she only did get two official pictures out and one "F U" picture, that I've already deleted from this world.
She will one day get a proper introduction picture, but now well have to go with this one.
She's mostly blind from a mining accident, although can see people as shades in the light.
She is the blind Dwarven priestess: Neffani Coalstein.

28th June "Neffani's Midsummer Blind Date [Dwarf/Tauren/Straight/Size]
The blind Dwarven priestess enjoys celebrating Midsummer
as any other Dwarf or in this case, Tauren.
No idea how this frail priestess ended up celebrating the festive with a Tauren,
but that is how Blind Dates some times goes.

19 June 2016

The hair is more White this time.

Back again!
Here again with a new picture. Time to continue with the OC-parade after two weeks.
The next character was chosen with poll voting I posted two weeks back in tumblr.
I created this character back at the end of MoP as an RP-character and to try out how frustrating it would be to play as a PC who couldn't speak, only through gestures, hand signs and expressions - meaning majority was done with /emote . Though there were times(quite many) where people got really frustrated, and I had to cheat and make her scribble what she would say into a notepad.
This characters name is Janilja Lunarswimmer.

19th June "Janilja Lunarswimmer, the Mute Healer and Guide" [Nelf/Straight]

For the past couple of years, Janilja has been working with the
Silver Covenant High Elves in Crystalsong Forest.
She has worked as their healer, as well as an guide for travellers
who come across the Windrunner's Overlook - albeit she is mute.

05 June 2016

The hair is once again Light-Blue

I made another!

Time for more OC parade - although this is just another picture of Daeatril,
whom I introduced four days back. I wanted to make another one with her and/or Yuhuja in. The wheel of destiny decided that Daeatril would get her second picture this weekend, Yuhuja will get her turn some other day.
I might have made the Furbolg abnormally large on the first picture, but I did do some "research" in-game
and the Furbolgs when stretching their backs and tall as a house!

>Click here to see a shy Furbolg<

5th June "Daeatril, Bear Tamer"[Nelf/Straight/Furbolg/Beast]
Daeatril, still continuing her noble quest reforming peaceful
relation with native Furbolgs of Winterspring.
One Furbolg at a time.

01 June 2016

The colour of the hair is, light blue-ish.

Summer is here!
Actually it has been nearly over an month here in Finland. We did get rather early start for quite hot summer.
But that isn't why I'm here typing, I'm here to release my next picture!
We continue with my OC's and this time we have an Night Elf lady to gawk at.
First I thought I had used her in some pictures, but after searching through my pictures, I couldn't find anything of her.
So this is actually her first appearance, yet she is quite old character I've had since Burning Crusade - funny, huh.
She hails from Winterspring, like most "winter (night)elves" does. She had gathered nice warm thickness to keep the cold away, she also uses fur coats and other means to stay warm: Daeatril Winterstar.

1st June "Daeatril, Bearspeaker" [Nelf/Tease/Beast/Furbolg]
Elves of Winterspring used to have more closer
connection to the regions Furbolgs than anyone else.
With the slow cleansing of corruption,
their relationship has been slowly repairing, one Furbolg at a time.