23 December 2009

Happy Christmas!


Thank you Rhelara~[Non-Ero Xmas]
Merry Christmas and happy New Year wishing to everyone from me and from all my girls!
And remember, those who are fully Atheist, may not celebrate Christmas ^^

I also like to thank for all the comments for the last picture, it really is only of my bestest :3

Hope we'll see more of these next year :P

19 December 2009

Thank you Rhelara!

OMG! Already a new post!?! But what is this? Only one? :O
Well yes, that is because I want to rest now until next year^^

But onto the picture that is dedicated for Rhelara for her lovely gift for me<3

Thank you Rhelara~[Lesb]
What can I say that I haven't already said many times? I love Rhelara's surprise gift for me so much that
I -had to- make something back to her, I couldn't just leave it with praises and thank yous from the heavens,
I needed to make something for her that she's had fantasized many times!
Here's link to her topic viewtopic.php?f=1&t=33317
Once again,

15 December 2009

Poll time

I added a poll to the side of this "blog" as the system in Darknest is totally BROKEN!

So, until 30.12 you people have time to vote which 1M pinup was your favorite ^^

14 December 2009

Unexpected gift!

I don't remember when I last was this moved over what my "art" has caused...
I'll quote from my thread in Darknest
Rhelara wrote:
CubeheaD, I've admired you for a long time. I hope you dont mind but i did a drawing of your character Selanaar to show my appreciation for all the images you've given to this community.
I hope you like it as much as i like your work!
I'm... so touched and moved over this...
But wait, there is still more from her topic ( http://www.darknestfantasyerotica.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=33317 )
Rhelara wrote:
The Beauty Selanaar [draenie] [masturbation]
The first time i came across WoW erotica it was CubeheaD's screenmanips of the lovely Selenaar (viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5256) Since then i've had many a fantasy in the beautiful dark draenie's company. So here is my repayment for the pleasant fantasies.

13 December 2009

Five 1M pinups!

Thank you all for the comments, even if there were only few of them, still I know many of you lurkers have been here ;P

Anyways, here's some pinups!

    Thank you 1M continuing![Pinups+1gay]
    Like I promised, here is something for everyone that enjoys pinups!
    I made one pinup per character when ever I could, so please enjoy the girls and kaga doing their best in their pinups.

08 December 2009


Lets get that 2,000,000 together in two years :P

Thank you 1M![Lesb/Orgy]
OhmeGOSH!!! One million views broken!!! GASP AND FAINTS!
It happened somewhere between Saturday and Sunday night(5-6.12 GMT +2).
When I did check my topic, it had 1,000,074 views! I totally stressed out and gasped as I hadn't done the picture yet xD
But here we are and got one for you all as a thank you<3

As a big thanks, I will post more picture end of this week!

05 December 2009


I was thinking making this picture Blog-exclusive but enough comments were posted in the thread at Darknest.
Five days passed or so and time to rewards the comments given, although most of them aren't really about the new Urdina picture, but I'll let that pass this time as I'm a good guy.

Anyways, as a friend told me, or actually few but one particularly told that he loved it quite much and made the picture as his desktops wallpaper.
Happy about this, I really wanted to make another version of it so it could be used in more public manners, and here it is!


I actually had this done at the same night I published those two pictures, but I was waiting to see how many comments I would get ^^;

Till next time!

01 December 2009


GASP! 2000 posts! And what?!? Only two updates!?!?!?!?
Well yeah, I think I've been spoiling you guys enough with three new pictures on every update,
so get used now to two pictures, mostly one pinup and one with something else.

Anyways, nice to work again with Urdina<3

    "Thank you 2000th"[Pinup]
    So yes, we have got far through these years and now 2000 posts is broken even!
    I like to thank you all for that, but there is still way to 1million views and other goals up-ahead^^
    As reward, I give you an actual photo of Urdina... don't ask how I did get it, I have no idea either :S

    Heated Diplomacy[Oral/Heter]
    Before Urdina's travels through the Barrens to Ashenvale, she had stopped by a Horde run tavern,
    but still allowed members from each faction to stay there, as long no brawls would happen.
    There she met a Blood Elf diplomat, on his way to Theramore, but was staying over to rest his mount and from the heating sun.
    Even if Urdina isn't actually part of the human alliance, she wanted to chat with the elf and to see how far she could learn
    from this diplomat before she crosses the line.