And so it goes around a full year and once again we are here.


This year I actually made a Valenti- Oh sorry, it's called Friend's Day up here in the land of Polar bears and Northern Lights.
I know it's called "Valentines Day" or "All Hjärtans Dag" and it's for the loving people and single people to sulk.
But here in Finland it's really called Ystävänpäivä which is translated into Friend's Day.
We "celebrate" this day to remember our friends rather then loved one(s) that you either live with or see everyday.
Friend and families mostly, to be grateful of having them as your friend or family.
You can celebrate a gift hoarding lovers day everyday through the year, so why focus it on one single day?!?

So, here's my picture that I didn't finish last year... nor did I this year, so I made this one!

If you can't see the picture fully, use this link <PICTURE>

Now that that's off the way, into the actual teased picture.
Just had the crazy idea to make one of these... and so I did.
I tried to finish it already earlier, but you know how it is by now.

  • 14th February 2012: Greatmother of Them All. [Orc/Ogre/Straight/Nude/Penetration]

    The clan had to start somewhere in the times of the ancients.
    When the two bloods got mixed together and gave birth to the new clan, Mok'Nathal.