19 September 2010

On their sides!

This week, I've been mostly having tiny gates of hell as socks.

REQ:"Peace of Afterlife"[Pinup/Undead]
Request from a friend, a Fallen Sin'dorei warrior.

"Mommas offer"[Pinup/BBW]

A laid back update really, couldn't think of any small backstories or info, the pictures themself tell everything needed.

OH! Thanks for all comments since the last posts^^
The story in last weeks "Time for Love" wasn't write by me, I only edited it slightly to crop it down.

11 September 2010

This weeks spanks!

This week, I've been mostly eating Swish-Armyknifes!

As I didn't post anything last week, three new updates this week. All of them are requests by my friends I know.
Have to say, trying to do a femmy boy of a draenei wasn't any easy task and I doubt it ever will be!

REQ:"Time for Love"[Lesb/Romance]
First request from a friend.
Story is merged into the pictures background.

REQ:"Blindness of Love"[Oral/Shemale]
Another request from another friend.
Loving couple, quite different from one another, yet sharing same fate and ideals.
Twan and Alexis relaxing together in peace in the warm sun and refreshing wind.

REQ:"Robbing Innocence"[Heter/Femdom]
Third request from yet another friend. I know he looks odd, but that's... You've seen how male draeneis look!!!
Like a wild predator, she can sence a suitable victim from distances, specially when they are still in their "young" stage(young adult),
even more if the victim has some kind of "specialties", such as very femine body for a man.