28 September 2008


Thank you 550k[Oral/Threesom]
Thank you all for the 550k views, I couldn't have made it this far without you people<3

21 September 2008

Intermission: Urdina dé Mercury

Intermission: Urdina dé Mercury[Pinup]
During this intermission, there will be announced a new character of mine, Urdina dé Mercury.

Intermission: Good words[Oral/Heter]
Passionetted by her chose of path, Urd couldn't resist to help ease an old Dwarf if it would help her to get better word out of her Paladinhood.

Intermission: Virginity[Heter/sex/Request]
(This is a request from Zone. Quite funny since I hadn't even published any pictures yet and he wanted a picture with Urd and Fala in ith hehe)
Deep in the Azharas forest, Urdina was commanded to scout around the old provinsis with help from a Night-Elf, Falathorn.
During their lookout at one of the towers, Fala used his famous seduction at this young and unexperienced ebony girl and it wasn't long he had what he was asking from her.

14 September 2008

Awwwww, soooo cuuuuute!

Silly update time!

Preparation with Mother[DarkSel/Cute/Lore]
The little girl giggles while her loving mother tries to set her daughters hair into shape for the upcoming meeting with Lord Menethil.

PS. This is actualy semi-IC picture, since the little girl is really Sels daughter in-game, Linenaar. Although she is barely one year old so far, and in the picture she is more like four or five already^^

07 September 2008

Deadly pleasure!

Beware males, might hurt you to view this, or not *smirks*

Deadly "pleasure"[Horror/Gore/PoV/DarkSel]
"Come with me, I got something to show you~" Said Sel to a passing by Night-Elf and showed slightly from her bra and gave a seducctive wink to him.
Moments later and before he knew it, he was tied down against a pole in a abondaned barn and Sel fondling on his manhood, trying to make it stand up.
"Oooh, don't fight against it, my sweet dear." She hissed softly to the frightened elf who was strugling not giving the pleasure for Sel, but failed in it. "Good boy~" was her last words before taking the hard manhood into her mouth and suckles it few times and coated with her saliva before looking up at him with a smirk, and bited on the manhoods head, pushing her sharp fangs into the fleash and spreading her toxins into the blood streams.
"Enjoy your slow death, elf~" she said while the elf was groaning in pain as the toxin spreaded into his body, slowly killing him with aggonish death. Another victim in Dark-Selanaars' list, her next supper within her cold lair.

If you like to fap to this picture, go ahead. It wasn't done to be like that, but if you like it, please do so^^