29 March 2015

Through the Eyes of a Lady

Hello hello hello.

It's snowing sleet, or wait, is it raining? It's mostly water than anything snow. I don't know.
There might be least one or three people out there that finds it surprising that this weeks picture doesn't
contain -any- Murlocs in it. NONE! Just a Iron Dwarf and Draenei doing it.
I've had for a long time in mind to do a female-PoV picture, but other ideas and inspirations always pushed that idea to the side. This isn't the first one, but this one is the first one where the view is more where the face could be - rather than hovering closer to the crotch.

  • 29th March "Through the Eyes of a Lady" [Draenei/Dwarf/Straight/POV]

    The Dark Irons might still be shunned by their peers,
    but they sure aren't picky or turn down a good time - like any Dwarf.

22 March 2015

Getting Even with Jester

Here again, hi!
And yes, there are more sticky stuff and scales on this weeks picture.
With the last weeks picture, I did get the idea to come up how our poor Blood Elf lady would get her revenge on the said "Jester".
I had many different ideas, but ended up with this close-up. No luck this time for the belf lass, Goblins are sneaky people.

One week left of this month and Easter is sneaking up on us and Noblegarden with it. So I have to ponder and wonder if I'll make something related to that event or not. I'm definitely not making another anthro picture I did couple of years back. :D

[*]22th March "Getting Even with Jester" [Goblin/Murloc/Gangbang/Bukkake]

Even if she did get her revenge on the Jester,
she didn't know the Jester didn't mind it and uses the spunk in the skin lotion she sells.

Must say, after working with the new models - now Goblins feel old with their stubby fingers, immobile eyes and eyelids that just appears xD
And I know I still need to work so much on the cum. I just can't get it ever look right - least for myself.

15 March 2015

Jesters trap!

Welp, my well earned week long "vacation" turned into two weeks quicker than I thought.
I blame vidya-gaems! They released two amazingly good games on the same day back on Tuesday.
Aaaand I've been busy with other things as well. So let's just go with the usual one and say I got lazy.

I didn't have as big plans for March as I did for February - but I still have time to come up with something to catch up with the time.
What you'll see here is something that might shock you and disgust you - but then again, why are you even here in the first place if this is true? Bugger off!
But if you still stayed to see what in earth I did create this time, get ready for something unusual!

  • 15th March "Jesters' Perfume Trap" [Belf/Murloc/Gangbang/Bukkake]
    Never trust a jester selling perfumes.
    It might be a potent mixture that makes the local Murlocs all wild.

01 March 2015

Last in Month.

I know it is already March - but I had a busy day off(and worth it).
I'm sure somewhere it is still Saturday when I'm writing this.
Nope. I'm two hours late to use that trick, darn.

This is the final picture of BBW(chubby) Elf month.
It was quite a productive month and I'm surprised that I managed to keep the pace all through the month.
It was a fun one and I did enjoy it quite much, even though bigger girls isn't something everyone enjoys - but so is everything.
So I like to thank all of you who enjoyed these picture in any levels. It means much to me and keeps me making these - even if it is a minor hobby of mine.

What is going to happen after this? I don't know. I have ideas, but I might take March lot calmer with pictures.
Twice a week is quite a task even if it doesn't sound so.

  • 1st March "Month of the BBW Elves #9 Candlelit Honeymoon" [Nelf/BBW/Straight]
    Final picture of BBW Elf Month.

PS. Even with their new models, I still HATE how male nelfs are in-game. With their massive hands that can close a Gnome inside just makes the pictures always so odd looking. I hate it!

PPS. There was some talk about Blogger stopping supporting adult contained blogs, but apparently they changed their mind over at Google and decided to do nothing.
I was already ready to move my blog into a Wordpress blog that I would host, but I guess I'll keep that on hold until another time.