14 June 2009

Snakes on a Pla- I mean Snake in Selanaar


"Sssssnake in Selanaar"[Sel/Beast]
Barely seven days since last post and I'm already posting something new and exotic! Oh la la you snake friends will like this one :3
Wailing Caverns, a noble dream gone bad and then to even worse. Years have passed since the corrupted and mad Druids were driven out from the caverns depths or slayed due to they're condition. Some uncorrupted ones still residents the caverns to cure the place from it's taint and maybe one day try again somewhere else.
The Druids have asked even some outsiders to aid them to cure the caverns and drive the tainted creatures away. Selanaar was one of those people that gladly came for the aid when called, and didn't ask anything in return for the tasks, but the Druids insisted that they could atleast reward her in a way or another...

09 June 2009


Hellp Darknesters and Lurkers!
I don't know really what to say then ask a forgiveness and thank you for your patience and trust in me.
I don't know what went to me... I guess that I spent too much time without doing any pictures, I slacked more and pushed it more and more aside.
Well... atleast I did manage jog alot and enjoy late winter and spring before making -THREE- new pictures for you!(finaly)

First one is me and Sel asking for your forgiveness :(
Second is something totaly new from me.
And third is an introduction for my Tauren.

    Missed me?[Sel/Pinup]
    "Missed me?" Selanaar is back and tries to ask for a forgiveness from you people, please let her have it :<

    Two is better then one[Straight, Threesome, Anal]
    My second picture on my return is something totaly different from my other pictures, as it's a THREESOME! OMG OMG OMG!!!
    "Usualy, the deep and mystic forest of Teldrassil is quiet during evenings, but when one certan female lets out her howlings of pleasure, everyone knows that it will last for long and echoe through the forest and Darnassus.
    Some thing it is a lost spirit, trapped in eternal limbo, some say it is the voice of the wind, howling past the hills and trees.
    But in fact, Selanaars voice tends to turn really loud and shivering when in pleasure, even more if her tight rectum is filled up with a thick meat of a male. More so, if her both holes are filled, no one will have a rest for their ears before their are done."

    First glance on Kagawah[Yaoi/pinup/furry]
    Third picture of my "come back" is a pinup picture of my Tauren Kagawah. No, Kaga isn't a futa or female, Kaga is 100% male. But, he was born much smaller and different then rest of the male Taurens, and that is why he grew up to look like a "pretty boy" from the song "Dude looks like a lady".
    His history is pretty much normal expect that the Elders, other older Taurens and some mature women have used him as their plaything for pleasure or just to mock his looks.

Once again, I thank for your patience even few were sceptic there but I'm now back once again!