23 October 2016

Commission time - again!

Commission train stops yet again!
That's four stops now and many more to go.
This one was requested by Faendis from tumblr.

23th Octrober "Girlfriends Unfinished Business" [Nelf/Solo/Comm]
After her girlfriend Mia left for work,
Fae still felt a little unsatisfied,
with the lack of her creamy filling and climax.
So she took the matters into her own hands.
---XL-Size---<- b="">

16 October 2016

Commission train is here again!

Choo choo!
What's that? Is the Commission-train finally arriving to the next stop? Why yes it is. About time, I say.
Time for commission number three. This one was requested by Dragma Kerp from Darknest-forums.

16th Octrober "Troll Trouble at a Tavern Terrace" [Troll/Foursome/Straight]
With the idea to get few drinks and possible company for the night,
the lone Troll didn't notice that the tavern wasn't "open for all",
but only for Alliance members - but with her silvery tongue
and smooth touch, she managed to get what she wanted.

02 October 2016

Brewfest 2016!

Look at the time, it seems like Commission-train is running late.
No worries, said the Gnome, we still have Brewfest going! And sure that shorty was correct. I decided to make a Brewfest picture and use one of my OC's in it. I had varies of ideas and even asked in tumblr some ideas. From three characters it became one and one crazy idea I can't take credits off.

2nd October "BrewFest 2016: Best of Alchemy and Magic" [Dwarf/Pinup/Lactating/OC]
This year Brewfest is introducing a new brew,
that will make your socks jump right off your feet!
The blind priestess really tries to gather coins for
charities in any way possible.