10 July 2011

Requeasti be late

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Khih, cute monkey. :)

Monkey likes that mucho :3

Time for some poorly made "Screenshot Manipulations"!!!

But wait! "Why were there no update last weekend?" you might ask or even yell "You F-ing Finnish FAQ! You sux!"
There are quite many reasons, but I tell the biggest ones that hindered me from doing anything last weekend.

Reason #1 - I was called to help my old school friend at their farm, as their hay stacker machine got broken. So we were basically all day there doing hard labor, using pitchforks to toss haystacks onto trailer.
My hands were quite blistered open after it, but yeah.

Reason #2 - On Sunday my brother invited me with them to visit his womans grannys grave, which was quite faaaar away. I basically could had sort of time do picture that morning, but my hands were killing me, or the blisters were.

Reason #3 - For odd reasons, I can only get the perfect combination of motivation and inspiration to do pictures during -weekend mornings- and no other time, which is really really odd I tell you.

Anyways, now I'm "back" again and got done a request I was meant to do last weekend, terribly sorry about that. Hope it's good enough.
  • 10th July 2011: REQ:Scene of Love and Desires. [Draenei/Nelf/Nude/Futa/Romantic]

    "I will make love to you now..." whispers the Draenei to her mate,
    before pressing their lips together to muffle their heated breathing and moans,
    as she slowly pushes her rod deeper into her elven mates embrace,
    feeling the walls clutching around her draeneic rod very tightly,
    but not too much to hinder from lovable thrusts in and out.

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Maise said...

Weird how the draenei's lips make me crazy. :3

Nice work ! I love it !