21 August 2011

Filler taim again!

Originally Posted by DesoPL
There will be more manipulations with Selanar ? Old Version and no futa ? Selanar, is the best.

There will be in time, no worry.
And you did mean with old long white hair?

Anyways, I got a NEW update for you all!

Nothing more to say, tata!

  • 21th August 2011: Tentacles 'o Delight. [Murloc/Filler]

    Picture description is in the picture itself.

14 August 2011

Neck injury and story

Neck injuries.

Due to this weekends neck injuries, there won't be any pictures once again, sorry.
I was planning something huge that I would have posted already last weekend, but it was bit too big bite as there was an idea to write an actual full length story to go along with the picture.
But sadly my skills of a writer is quite poor and it was more like a documentary then a story I had planned it to become.
That was the reason why no updates on last week. But a dear friend of mine volunteered to help me and write the story for me,
which you can at the very moment go read from the Story Board section of this forum or by follow this link:

For those that doesn't have Darknest account, use this link:WHAT IF? Draenei Broodmother TEXT.
There will be an actual picture update next weekend, I dearly hope so. But now due to awesome metal and head banging,
my neck is still like a steel bar and sore as if I would had been put into a wash-machine.