31 December 2016

End of Year!

The year isn't over yet! At least where I live.
Much like last year, here is the final Boom to end of Winter Veil/Christmas.


31th December "End of Winter Veil Through Dreams" [Selanaar/Draenei/Dwarf/Straight]
She was sleeping like a good girl,
but in her dreams she ended
into the Naughty Book.
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28 December 2016

Last window - finally!

Time for the last window!
I'm five days late, but Christmas happened - that's my reason.

28th December "Quiet End for the Night [Selanaar/Tease/NonEro]
Could this be finally something
the 'lil Helper was looking for?
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20 December 2016

Window three!

Couple of days late, but all technical problems have been dealt with.
Time to see what is behind the window!

20th December "Yet Another One Into the Naughty Book"[Troll/Goblin/Anal/Straight/Yuhuja]
Yuhuja should know very well that
stealing from other people she will
end into the naughty book.
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11 December 2016

Window numer two!

What's behind window number two?
Let us have a look!

11th December "Watching Over[Night Elf/Tease/NonEro]
The Lil' Helper didn't know what to expect,
she definitely didn't expect to see this!

06 December 2016

Decemberween is here

Check below what the lil' helper sees behind the frosty window!

6th December "She Ends Into the Naughty Book" [Human/Draenei/Straight/Anal/Urdina]
What the lil' Winter Veil Helper saw
through the frosty window. It might be
that Urdina is ending into the naughty book.
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27 November 2016

End of the line for this train.

It's the end of the line! Everyone step out of the Commission-train passenger carts.

That's right, it's time for the last requested commission picture!
I had quite fun doing all of these and I will most likely at some point do it again.

This one was requested by rielahn from tumblr.

27th November "Master and Apprentice" [Tauren/Troll/Straight/Comm]
When her father had sent her to learn
under his friend's teachings, he didn't expect
what would happen between them.
Especially anything forbidden
between student and her teacher.
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22 November 2016

Tiny train arriving!

The train is late, but sure enough it has arrived once again.
I had to "cheat" little bit with this picture, as I had to enhance the booty to look any good.

This one was requested by sanddragon6 from Darknest-forums.

22th November "One Size Fits All" [Gnome/Human/Straight/Comm]
Gnomes are known to be full of surprises.
Their small size is packed full with goodies,
not to forget their high intelligence and
high and frequent mating urges.
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13 November 2016

Incoming Commission-train choo choo!

Special passenger arriving!
Seems like the Commission-train number six is bringing an NPC
(Breen Ironstock) as next feature.
This one was requested by typhon from Darknest-forums.

13th November "Stablemaster's Duty" [Dwarf/Zoophilia/Comm]
The Argent Crusade at Hearthglen are proud of
their steeds and treat them with the best care they deserves.
Their stablemaster tends to them all day long.
Feeding, nurturing and pampering them,
as she knows( like her colleague down south)
how to tend to the needs of the stallions and mares.
==XL-Size Edti==

06 November 2016

Commission time number five

Commission time!
We are onto number five this time and it is quite sticky!
This one was requested by zhaotheredpanda from tumblr.

6th November "Couple's Sticky Situation" [Tauren/Furbolg/Paizuri/Comm]
Wanting to surprise her mate,
Nuu' coated her body with honey and lied down to wait.
Her mate was more than surprised
with the sight before him, and growled with love and delight.
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23 October 2016

Commission time - again!

Commission train stops yet again!
That's four stops now and many more to go.
This one was requested by Faendis from tumblr.

23th Octrober "Girlfriends Unfinished Business" [Nelf/Solo/Comm]
After her girlfriend Mia left for work,
Fae still felt a little unsatisfied,
with the lack of her creamy filling and climax.
So she took the matters into her own hands.
---XL-Size---<- b="">

16 October 2016

Commission train is here again!

Choo choo!
What's that? Is the Commission-train finally arriving to the next stop? Why yes it is. About time, I say.
Time for commission number three. This one was requested by Dragma Kerp from Darknest-forums.

16th Octrober "Troll Trouble at a Tavern Terrace" [Troll/Foursome/Straight]
With the idea to get few drinks and possible company for the night,
the lone Troll didn't notice that the tavern wasn't "open for all",
but only for Alliance members - but with her silvery tongue
and smooth touch, she managed to get what she wanted.

02 October 2016

Brewfest 2016!

Look at the time, it seems like Commission-train is running late.
No worries, said the Gnome, we still have Brewfest going! And sure that shorty was correct. I decided to make a Brewfest picture and use one of my OC's in it. I had varies of ideas and even asked in tumblr some ideas. From three characters it became one and one crazy idea I can't take credits off.

2nd October "BrewFest 2016: Best of Alchemy and Magic" [Dwarf/Pinup/Lactating/OC]
This year Brewfest is introducing a new brew,
that will make your socks jump right off your feet!
The blind priestess really tries to gather coins for
charities in any way possible.

18 September 2016

Commission number two

Time for commission number 2.
This one was requested by 691 from Darknest-forums:

18th September "Teasing Tavern Socializer" [Dwarf/Pinup/Comm]
After a long day of teasing wenches and barmaids at the tavern,
Nimh needed to take some time out to cool herself down.
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10 September 2016

Commission train starts!

Let get this commission train started!

I was surprised how many of the commission requests I received, I actually accepted.
This is new for me, as I am extremely picky when it came to requests.
Enough chattering, on to the first commission!

This one was requested by Corbec from Darknest-forums:

10th September "Divine Purpose and Insertion" [Human/Straight/Anal/Comm]
Paladins use Light as their shield and weapon,
although some times their own blessings aren't enough.
This is when a blessing of a Priest is required.
-> XL-Size Edit <- a="">

01 September 2016

Times up!

Times up and I've received  a nice amount of commission requests.
I'll be slowly starting to work on them, after I've gotten all the required informations
from the requesters about the toons featuring in the pictures.

26 August 2016

Open for Requests!


That’s right! Something I haven’t done in ages - if you don’t count taking in one or two requests every six months.

I’ll be now taking in bunch of requests for pictures. The amount is still pending, but when I think there is enough slots filled, I will notify about it.
Time to put down some ground rules for the requests:
  • No Anonymous requests.
  • I won’t do futa pictures.
  • No major Lore-charaters (example. Jaina, Sylvanas and Anduin etc.)
  • No Demons allowed, nor Gnolls.
  • Requests should have more info about the scene than “Character X fucking Character Z”.
  • Description and/or link to your characters armory-page to make the creation a lot easier and more accurate. Screenshots are best way to do this.
  • Not really a rule, but if you want a small description/tiny story for the picture - please do type max. two sentences.
Any info given won’t be shared with anyone else and character names will only be posted with the picture if permitted.
I am known to be very picky over requests and this hasn’t changed. So if I don’t like the requested picture, I will just ignore it. If I like your request, I will inform you about it.
The schedule for the pictures will be the same what I normally do, once in a week or two.

21 August 2016

Encore time!

Surprise! It's encore time!
I had planned to make one all along. It isn't what people did ask for as an encore, I'll save that idea for some other time.

21th August "Picnic at Selanaars Place - Encore" [Draenei/Pinup/Selanaar]
What a nice picnic it was.
Everyone enjoyed the feast and had fun together until all exhausted
and it was time to head back home.

17 August 2016

Poll time!

Time to put your vote out and tell which of the two pictures with Selanaar was your favourite: http://www.strawpoll.me/11013793
In hindsight, I should have released the pictures on separate days - oops.

15 August 2016

Her hair is white white white!

Times up!
Sorry I didn't post any of the teasers here, but it's time for the grand finale!

I had to take some drastic measures with these two pictures and use... floating disembodied penises that fades away! *Insert thunder clapping*
Less typing, more gawking.

15th August "Picnic at Selanaars Place 2/3" [Draenei/Gangbang/Oral/Selanaar]
Some of the picnic guests enjoys the soft texture of Selanaars melons more than anything,
they also did enjoy as well her exotic hand and oral "party tricks" on their sausages.

15th August "Picnic at Selanaars Place 3/3" [Draenei/Gangbang/Anal/Selanaar]
Some of the picnic guests favoured Selanaars meatbuns more than anything,
and didn't hesitate to feel the warm and moist filling - with their sausages.

30 July 2016

Boogie time!

I couldn't resist and wait for the expansion to come out, I just HAD TO make this now!
While I haven't played Hearthstone in ages, the trailer for next expansion One Night In Karazhan caught my eyes - especially that one boogie lady with an afro.

30th July "Disco Draenei Boogie" [Draenei/Tease/Pinup]
Disco time at Karazhan!

29 July 2016

Her hair is white and long, you know her very well.

No time to talk, it's picture time!
Next on our OC list is someone who doesn't need any introduction. She has had many forms over the years, but only one is above the rest and that is the one we all love and know. No, not that one, the one you are about to see.
If you've somehow forgotten her name or first timer, her name is: Selanaar Tallulah

29th July "Picnic at Selanaars Place 1/3" [Draenei/Tease/Pinup/Selanaar]
Selanaar has invited you and your friends over for a picnic!

She has prepared a mouth watering feast and bountiful view to look at.

As a bonus, here is what you would see if you were a Dwarf.

24 July 2016

The hair is once again blue AND dark orange!

Already back for another picture!
With the slowly approaching end of OC-parade, I decided to make a "quick-one" to fill in the gap and buy me more time. You've seen both of them before, so they don't need any introductions. Lunash and Yuhuja just admiring their loot stolen from Cartier & Co. Fine Jewelry, in Dalaran.

24th July "Successful Jewelery Heist" [Nelf/Troll/Tease]
Two sneaky rogue thieves admiring their successful heist achievement.

20 July 2016

The hair is now space brunette on both of them!

I'm late, I know.
Short summer vacation, have to use time wisely and travel like crazy from metal festivals to another and check out cute animals in the zoo.

It's nearly time for the final OC, but first one more before it.
This is yet another new OC that was created earlier this year. Really it isn't one, but two characters.
They both hail from a far far away galaxy and share everything they have. These two siblings have survived very long time together and will stay that way until time ends. They also are entangled into something forbidden and what is a taboo amongst everyone, even with Draeneis.
They both have pale white skin and long brunette hair. Their names are: Meena♀ and Vurann

20th July "Meena & Vurann - Forever Together in Forbidden Bond"[Draenei/Incest/Straight]
Been together since their childhood, aeons to count.
Meena and Vurann do and share everything together.
Their love for each other only grows stronger as time goes by.

10 July 2016

This time the hair is PINK

Here again,

You guessed it, one less character to go.
This one lil' character has had many different variations, but they never got anywhere.
All those radiation mutations were trashed and only thing left was that she's a priestess and
has Gnomish "cybernetic" body parts: right arm, leg and left eye. She lost them in a mining accident(same one where Neffani lost her eyesight) and willingly went through experimental medical surgery.
I must confess, I went bit overboard with all the bolts and cybernetics on her body, although she still looks more gnome than clockwork gnome(as her robotic leg and arm is mostly hidden).
This lil' pink haired cyborgs name is: Lunzock Lightrod

10th July "Lunzock: Gotta Catch Them All!" [Gnome/Pandaren/Straight/Size]
Armed with most advanced Gnomish tech,
Lunzock is travelling all through the world to catch all Battle-Pets
and record them into her Battle-Pet GO gadget.
While in Pandaria, she shared a rickshaw for it's calm pace -
perfect to gather Battle-Pet Monuments on long roads.

04 July 2016

The hair is slightly faded yellow

Monday it seems!

I'm starting to think I should change my release day from Sunday to Monday, as I haven't been able to keep with that schedule at all.

We continue with the list and this time we have a Human who never was created in-game, instead had two picture made of. Main reason was that back then Hunter class wasn't open for Humans.
She supposing is ancient for a human, but somehow managed to keep her body relatively young looking. I don't remember what I had in mind back then, but think it as something like she would absorb "youth energies" from other women she would play with in her BDSM dungeon. I can't remember.
I kept one fact from that idea and that she owns set of stocks and binds to play with.
This forgotten character's name is: Zilma Featherston

4th July "Zilma and GF's Night Out" [Human/Draenei/Lesbian/BDSM/Anal]
After Zilma managed to woo a nice Draenei lady,
they started to go out on dates and slowly become a couple.
Many romantic days and nights later,
the draenei was ready to fulfil Zilmas wish
which would become a night she would never forget.

28 June 2016

The hair is trying to be coal black

Happy Midsummer!

What? It was already last weekend? RATS! I'm late! Yet again...
This time, my reason is, Midsummer. It is very sacred time for us Finns, time when we all go out to chant pagan songs around huge bonfires fuelled with fire from Manala(Nether/Hell) and drink so much until least six to twenty people drown. Oh and we play also play Mölkky for an hour or two.

Now that is out of the way, time for the picture.
I never really properly introduced this Dwarf back when I created her. I tried to ask the community how
to make her stand out from other busty Dwarves and especially my other Dwarf, Belvala. Needless to say, it didn't work out as I wanted, so she only did get two official pictures out and one "F U" picture, that I've already deleted from this world.
She will one day get a proper introduction picture, but now well have to go with this one.
She's mostly blind from a mining accident, although can see people as shades in the light.
She is the blind Dwarven priestess: Neffani Coalstein.

28th June "Neffani's Midsummer Blind Date [Dwarf/Tauren/Straight/Size]
The blind Dwarven priestess enjoys celebrating Midsummer
as any other Dwarf or in this case, Tauren.
No idea how this frail priestess ended up celebrating the festive with a Tauren,
but that is how Blind Dates some times goes.

19 June 2016

The hair is more White this time.

Back again!
Here again with a new picture. Time to continue with the OC-parade after two weeks.
The next character was chosen with poll voting I posted two weeks back in tumblr.
I created this character back at the end of MoP as an RP-character and to try out how frustrating it would be to play as a PC who couldn't speak, only through gestures, hand signs and expressions - meaning majority was done with /emote . Though there were times(quite many) where people got really frustrated, and I had to cheat and make her scribble what she would say into a notepad.
This characters name is Janilja Lunarswimmer.

19th June "Janilja Lunarswimmer, the Mute Healer and Guide" [Nelf/Straight]

For the past couple of years, Janilja has been working with the
Silver Covenant High Elves in Crystalsong Forest.
She has worked as their healer, as well as an guide for travellers
who come across the Windrunner's Overlook - albeit she is mute.

05 June 2016

The hair is once again Light-Blue

I made another!

Time for more OC parade - although this is just another picture of Daeatril,
whom I introduced four days back. I wanted to make another one with her and/or Yuhuja in. The wheel of destiny decided that Daeatril would get her second picture this weekend, Yuhuja will get her turn some other day.
I might have made the Furbolg abnormally large on the first picture, but I did do some "research" in-game
and the Furbolgs when stretching their backs and tall as a house!

>Click here to see a shy Furbolg<

5th June "Daeatril, Bear Tamer"[Nelf/Straight/Furbolg/Beast]
Daeatril, still continuing her noble quest reforming peaceful
relation with native Furbolgs of Winterspring.
One Furbolg at a time.

01 June 2016

The colour of the hair is, light blue-ish.

Summer is here!
Actually it has been nearly over an month here in Finland. We did get rather early start for quite hot summer.
But that isn't why I'm here typing, I'm here to release my next picture!
We continue with my OC's and this time we have an Night Elf lady to gawk at.
First I thought I had used her in some pictures, but after searching through my pictures, I couldn't find anything of her.
So this is actually her first appearance, yet she is quite old character I've had since Burning Crusade - funny, huh.
She hails from Winterspring, like most "winter (night)elves" does. She had gathered nice warm thickness to keep the cold away, she also uses fur coats and other means to stay warm: Daeatril Winterstar.

1st June "Daeatril, Bearspeaker" [Nelf/Tease/Beast/Furbolg]
Elves of Winterspring used to have more closer
connection to the regions Furbolgs than anyone else.
With the slow cleansing of corruption,
their relationship has been slowly repairing, one Furbolg at a time.

23 May 2016

The hair is.... Orange?

Monday update.

I got lazy and didn't post this out back on Sunday when it was finished.
In "celebration" of reaching 300 followers in tumblr, I decided to "release" a picture
of my newest OC which is new addition to my Horde-characters.
Please welcome Yuhuja, the Bookworm!
This oddball of a troll will try to fill in the lack of female Horde characters in my roster.

23th May "Yuhuja, the Bookworm" [Troll/Pinup/Tease]
A very rare feature for a Troll, Yuhuja is interested in literature and written history.
She might look very frail with her glasses and books,
during night time she's sneaking unseen and stealing valuables.
Yuhuja usually watches for her next target during daytime,
but sometimes her next target approaches her first.

18 May 2016

The colour of the Mane is brown.

Midweek post!

Time to continue with my OC's.
This time we have a snow white character that hasn't been featured in six years.
He is gentle hearted Tauren and practices the path of shaman. With his frail looking body and slim face, he charms other Taurens with ease, young and old. His name is: Kagawah Snowhawk

18th May "Call of Water" [Tauren/Anal/Gay/Tentacle]
The elementals are chaotic by nature and when feeling like it they outright ignore the shamans call,
or in worst case attack them if pushed too far.
Kagawah was lucky this time, as the elemental was just in playful mood. ​

08 May 2016

Mother's Day picture!

New picture ahoy!

Today, 8th of May, many countries celebrate Mother's Day. Some nations did it already, others will later, but majority has it today.
This should set the tone for the picture - as it was lot easier topic to use than Children's Week in W0W.
This picture is also a small break from my OC's, but that parade should continue next time.
Now, onto the picture - but first a small teaser comic I made and posted into tumblr and blogspot.

8th May "Mother's Day" [Orc/Straight/Pregnant/Incest]
After many months of guard duties,
a visit home to relax is a good option for vacation.

05 May 2016

The hair is again Red!

Took a while but I got new pictures ready and uploaded. I had trouble using my free time with the picture(s) and too many ideas, hence why they are so badly late.
I hope it was worth it, even if I took bit too big bite making three pictures rather than just one.
This time I present you one of my dwarfs, whom I did a crazy thing back when I created her. I went out to Howling Fjord to tame a lvl6 "hawk" as lvl10. It was hard corpse-running, but worth it to get a "unique" bird-of-prey at lvl10. I present you: Belvala Proppcopper!

5th May "Belvala's Wild Encounter At Frostfire Ridge Part 1-3
[Dwarf/Size Difference/Tease/Anal/Cumshot/Aftersex]

Experienced hunters knows how to tame the wildest beasts and when to avoid encounters with them.

This event isn't one of the latter ones.

24 April 2016

Question = Teaser get

Anonymous "You ever think about doing picture previews? Just something to build hype for your weekly pieces of awesomeness. "
I could, if I didn’t work on my pictures during the weekends and publish on the same day(or on the next one). That leaves quite little time to post out any kind of teaser-picture.
That is if I get one done. This weekend I have not managed to make a new picture. Couldn’t decide which idea to go with. So here, have this teaser to peer at and try to figure out what it’ll be.
Also thank you for all the positive comments on previous picture.

17 April 2016

The hair is RED this time!

Time for new picture.
With last weeks picture of Urdina, I decided that I'll be making least one picture of my OC's in their new "HD" models.
This week I bring you my tiny redheaded firecracker: Brixi Hackspanner - The Ankle Breaker!
Last time Brixi had her own picture was back in November of 2010. Was about time to bring her back.

17th April "Brixi's S.E.L.F.I.E." [Gnome/Pinup/Aftersex]
Brixi just had to try out her new S.E.L.F.I.E. camera
after a flawless victory on bed.
Ps. I finaly fixed my gallerys captcha, so commenting there is working again.
Also for those who want to download my pictures, there is a small link under the picture when fullscreened (or using direct link in my tumblr posts).

10 April 2016

April the 10th: White hair.

New picture time it is. And this time I made something special. I dug out one of my old girls from the closet and dusted her off into "HD-levels". She last appeared four and half years ago. Geez! Some of you might not know her, but she is my other white haired one: Urdina dé Mercury - from the south-east sea.

10th April "Tending your Steed" [Human/Horse/Zoophilia/Oral]
Urdina tends and nurses her steed daily to creat a lasting bond,
that can save her life during duties in the Argent Crusade.

04 April 2016

Licking in April

New picture time.
April already, time sure flies by fast!

4th April "Quest for Hard Candy: Part 2" [Nelf/Lesbian]
Lunash continues on her quest for the best hard candy on Azeroth.
While in Ashenvale, she befriended with a fellow elf, who wanted to help her on her quest in any way.

28 March 2016

Easter 2016

Candy filled Easter!

Bit late but still in time for the event, RL and WoW-inGame.
For this picture, I went back to use random characters. I'm also putting "Waltz of smexy NPC's" into a short hiatus until I gather up more possible NPC's to make pictures out of.

28th March "Chocolate Lover" [Gnome/Orc/Straight]
Noblegarden is Pinky-Winkys favourite holiday, as she sure loves her chocolate.
She especially loves chocolate eggs and bars with creamy filling.

19 March 2016

Super Larion Bros.

The waltz of smexy NPC's still goes on.
This time I'm mixing things bit up and yet they fit perfectly well together.
These three NPC's have been since Vanilla-WoW and with Cataclysm they had minor changes but stayed mostly the same.
First is the two from Un'Goro: Larion and Muigin - obvious reference to Mario and Luigi.
Then there is the Princess. The world of Warcraft doesn't have many princesses - that aren't giant bugs. Nor a elemental being or a prize winning pig. But there is one down in Jaguero Isle: Princess Poobah. Most likely reference to Pauline, due to the giant barrel throwing gorilla keeping her as a prisoner. But now she takes the part of Princess Peach
Enough of wiki-ing! Time for the picture!

19th March "Lario Bros. and The Princess" [Dwarf/Human/Tauren/Threesome/Straight/NPC]
After settling their years long grudge towards each other,
Larion and Muigin ventured out of Un'Goro Crater into new adventures together.
On their travels they found themselves rescuing a princess and
safely escort her back home to her "kingdom" and rewarded thoroughly.

13 March 2016

Sunny Sunday Tauren Update

Sunny Sunday Update:

New picture time and another NPC off the list. This time it is someone that everyone knows.
He might be a Horde NPC, yet everyone has least heard his story or seen raid-videos online:
Gamon, Hero of Orgrimmar!

And his new "lady friend" Grunt Meena.

13th March "Gamon, Hero of Orgrimmar" [Tauren/Orc/Straight/NPC]
After the battle of Orgrimmar, Gamon earned his new title and unlimited tab in Broken Tusk inn.
He also befriended with his "personal guard", who was possibly tasked to keep him calm.
Gamon doesn't mind his new "lady friend".

06 March 2016

Daisy's Dukes

New picture out tonight! Right now!

I took a week off, because I was lazy and playing Stardew Valley non-stop.
Now that I'm here again, let us continue with the NPC's I've found:

6th March "Daisy's Dukes" [Human/Pinup/Tease/NPC]
Golden haired Daisy, formerly known as beautiful "Race starter girl" of Mirage Raceway.
Now she works as a bartender at Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge.

I'm getting slightly low on Horde NPC's, this is the problem as a Alliance player since Vanilla.
I do have some on my list, but it is getting harder and harder to find NPC's that people know and has been since Vanilla or BC(and aren't vendors, quest-givers or major characters).