29 November 2011

quicky respond

  • Originally Posted by whodude
    Is it just me, or did her boobs and thighs shrink a bit from the previous pic?

  • Originally Posted by BlogComment
    her boobs kinda shrunk!
Yes, I know this.
I'm actually trying to find the "perfect" size to work with, so do expect changes of the amount of "meat" under her skin.
All because I don't have any real "refer-sheet" or what you call it to check the "forms" from,
but from the "sketches" decided to be used in the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Nice responce cube. Always good to experiment! Though sel always kind of gave off that "larger than life" personality to me!

Keep up the awesome work man.

Duderino said...

To me sel will always be the queen of big, so i dont mind her looking rediculous at times :D

But yea, always nice to try stuff out