25 March 2012

Keeping it alive.

Just to poke and tell you peeps that I'm taking this weekend off, like I normally do after posting a new picture.
I did have in mind to do a lil' picture of my goblin, but I'm postponing it for next weekend or further. All depending how I see
the community responding specially in DN forum.

19 March 2012

Storm Witch and High blood pressure!

I won't even bother to once again start with why I haven't or where I been.
I did type something on the previous message, so read from it.

So the next picture is made with the same style like the Quillboar lady.
I made a WIP animation to show the various stages, this times there is nearly double more of frames! G-G-G-G-GASP!!!

Nothing special to tell but that I've lost my touch to make two pictures per weekend hehe.

19th March 2012: Storm Witch and High blood pressure! [Pinup/Nude/Futa/Centaur/Cum]
Work in progress animation: WATCH IT BEEN MADE!

Why did I leave the mask on? It's part of the centaur lore actually. The male don't have lips and the females hide their faces behind scarf and mask.
Why? How should I know. Maybe it's because they are even more uglier then their male counterparts, or they are so beautiful
that it's more safer to keep the beauty hidden then visible.

And why futa? I have no answer to that.

Edit: Note to self. The size of the member might be slightly larger then I was planning.

12 March 2012

Me again.

Originally Posted by niliko
Cubi' where are you? What we need is you work.. Fap'able work with gnome & dwarf futas :3
I'm at my home.
And alive.

And being my usual self and stretching the release date further into distance.
Shouldn't be anything new that I stay a long time silent and even further then I should do.
But like it says on the first post: Updates every two weeks unless others told!

Soooo now I've telling you that I will try to catch up next weekend and not leave you few people in total darkness.

So here's a filler picture of my biggest fish I managed to catch with my car.

<<<<<<<<< [CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BIG FISH| >>>>>>>>>

01 March 2012

Days after the Quill

Seemingly five people were brave enough to say something about the latest picture or recovered from the shock.
People were scared and some were intrigued and actually liked the picture.
This was really what I was expecting of people to avoid my questions and just be stunned or ignore the picture hehe.

And no, it's not Charlga Razorflank. Just some still currently random female Quillboar with no name that we least know about.

As for another notes I've finally managed to sort the gallery. Now all pictures are in the correct order from newest to oldest.
I've also fixed the missing titles, tags and descriptions for all pictures expect Selanaar's gallery and the Legacy gallery.
Why? Because there is together 172 picture and that's awful lot of work to tag them all, specially the Legacy pictures.
I've also posted the few drawn pictures I have of Sel by three different artists.Which brings to my next tiny topic.

I once again have the ache to find someone to drawn Sel or one of my other characters.
The thing is that I'm really picky, bit too picky of the art-style if I have to pay. Specially when it comes to Sel.
I don't know why, but I just am.

Also, thank you for Masaknight for answering for me to the question. I really need to do character-profile pages for my toons,
with their stories and descriptions in them. Such as Sels updated and more accurate story and lore-friendly.