16 January 2011

Filler time

First of all, I want to thank all the comments once again and say I'm sorry for the late respond.

But onto the update!

Death by Oranges![FillerMurloc!]

So yeah... what to say?:D
I had planned one or two more pictures of Sarizka and Sel for this weekend, but then I stumbled across a quest in WoW that gave an FANTASTIC idea for a mini-comic!
But... I couldn't get myself to sketch the comic, even if I had it all planned up in my mind already, but this is how I am.

And yeah, they were selling Oranges in super cheap prize, so I bought ~4½ kilos, that's I think around 10lbs.
As my brother said, I now have very vitamin-potent urine. >_>

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