31 May 2015

Coffee Time Intermission

Hello hello,

Nothing big this time, as I've been moving my girlfriends boxes and bags into my place before moving out for a bigger apartment.
So this time it'll be just a quick "intermission" picture with very minimal editing - cause I just don't have the time now.
With this intermission-picture, I will post new "proper" picture hopefully next weekend.

31th May "Coffee Time Intermission" [Draenei/Nelf/Non-Ero]

There is always time for cup of coffee.

25 May 2015

Double post 2015!

I'm late, I know!
I'm sooooo late! Ugh! I don't have much of reasons or excuses to tell why. Busy life is busy life!
My odd habit only to get pictures done during weekends and mostly on dawn is really hard to keep up if having "active" lifestyle xD
And I had planned to get these done already on Saturday, but back on Friday I somehow managed to hurt my right shoulder and neck while in the shower - doing nothing!

Ugh, anyways. I still managed to make these both today - when not playing Witcher 3.
Why two? Because I missed one week and I wanted to give old friends their pictures and stop them from nagging that I promised to do them years back.
Also, one of them is this years first and most likely the only futanari picture I'll do this year. Who knows!

Enjoy pre-Cataclysm Selanaar pictures!

25th May "Dream from the Past" [Draenei/Futa]

It might have happened or it was just a dream, the Draenei with gigantic
reproductive organs thought to herself. But a wonderful night it either way was.

25th May "Reunion of Dear Old Friends" [Gnome/Draenei/Straight]
Years had passed since their last meeting and they had so much to do to catch up with the time.

11 May 2015

Martian Gnome from Great Dark Beyond!

Back again!

And late, I know. I'm day or two late from my usual schedule. I put the blame on my "busy" lifestyle and on Mother's Day that was on Sunday.
Why couldn't I do a picture later that day? I've over the years some how made morning times the time I make pictures - to make rest of the day free for anything else. So my mind sticks to that even if I would want to work on a picture, but my motivation says "F that! It's fun time now!".

Anyway, many of you peeps and perverts did actually notice the hint in the mermaid picture what might come next.
I have to sadly tell you that this isn't that picture. Selanaar will be once again featured next weekend, while the picture today is something I quickly made, so you people wouldn't have to wait for two weeks for new picture.
It was a crazy idea I came up with while trying to get some sleep. If Outland has Sand Gnomes, why couldn't there be "Martian Gnomes" somewhere where the Draeneis have been over the years. They've probably have been wiped out by the Burning Legion by now, but who knows! Maybe they fought back with their deadly ray-guns and MIND BULLETS!!!

11th May "Gnome from Great Dark Beyond" [Gnome/Draenei/Anal/Straight]

During their long exodus, the Draeneis met many races,
which would in time mettheir end under the Burning Legions army.
Some might have escaped by fighting back with ray-guns and mind bullets!

Next time, 15-17th May should be when Selanaar should appear again.
Until then, bye!

03 May 2015

May of the 3rd

Spring is blooming(or least trying) and soon it is summer!
Hello and here we are again you and me. Looking at the newest picture I have for you.

Let's cut it short and just say that it was either this or librarian and this fishy won.
I know, it's yet another teasing picture. I can't help it, I like doing them.

3rd May "Mermaid of Azuremyst Isles" [Draenei/Selanaar/Pinup/Tease]

If there were Mermaids on Azeroth, they definitely wouldn't look like Draeneis.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I used the old old legacy Selanaar, hence why she doesn't have scars all over her body, her horn isn't cut in half and the age old hairstyle.