Out of the blue, I'm already posting out a new picture!

But what is this? This one actually looks like a old-school "manip-style" picture I used to do.
That is correct. I found this one in my WIP folder and decided for laughs to continue on it in it's original style.
With few changes into the WIP, I made the picture as closely as I used to do with -VERY- little editing apart from smoothing and
enlarging few places. Other wise, there are are no added elements, expect the tendrils, as those are quite a fuckers in the in-game models.
Sure there might be some odd looking elements in the body parts, but that's just WoW in-game for you and
me not editing in the style I used to do before my current "style" that I've never really been happy with(except with some pictures).

  • 20th November."Midnight Romance" [Draenei/Human/Lesbian/Non-Ero]

    Legacy-styled picture out in the blue!