30 July 2013

Quicky Gnome

Look at the time go past!
Few days turned into a week and a week turned into two!
I can see the bad cop and good cop scenario already, asking where I've been.

Working and being huge lazy ass. NEIGH!

Those who are/were expecting for another picture of Janilja, I have to tell that one is on the way.
The picture is actually nearly finished, but I came into some colouring difficulties which has put it into a full halt.
Along with it, there are two other pictures on the work with "matching" theme on them all.
But now, here I have a new picture, a rather quickly made picture, but quite nice if you ask from me.
30th July."After Twilight" [Gnome/Pinup/Solo]

Leaving the Twilights isn't a easy task,
especially with the fear of death looming over one.
Some embraces the death willingly, others stays hidden.
Few lucky ones might be saved by brave heroes,
whom one might rewards in a way or another.

And yes, the face-paintings are what those old old Twilight models use with Gnomes.
Her hair in the other hand is something unfamiliar for the game, but I like it.
Also as can be seen, I did once again do small experiments with the style - mainly the hair.

17 July 2013

New new new! See now! Forget tomorrow!

New new new! See now! Forget tomorror!
Welcome welcome! Come in, come in!

Come and see the new picture of small artist!

We have quite a show this time! Something very unique and new to be seen!

Glance your eyes up on this!
17th July."Janilja Lunarswimmer, The Mute Yellow Veterinarian" [Nelf/Pinup/Solo]

Mute from birth, Janilja has learned to use her long elven ears to enhance
her expressions while using handgestures.
Priestess of the Moon, she has specialized into healing the war-sabers and
hippogryphs using the powers of the moon goddess.

As it could be seen, I made a picture of my newest character, first nelf I've made in ages.
In fact, I can't remember when I last did do a picture with or about a nelf.
Better later than never, eh.
Also, I decided that from now on, I will shrink the actual picture by 25%.
This will make them fit the screen lot better, even if you have a high resolution.
Sure you won't get the feeling of being face glued to the character any more, the fact still stays there.

08 July 2013

Blame the game!

Hello everybody, yes you few people!

I know I'm a week late and got only one picture to give out.
Reason for that? Here:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the weather that we Nordic barbarians can't handle.

What to tell like every time...
For starters, I tried out something "new" with this picture and mixed old with new.
You can clearly see that I had re-made the goblin, while I left the Pandaren untouched with few fixing here and there.
Due to the higher polygon count and texture-quality of the Pandarens, it doesn't look half bad in my own opinion.
Hope this does fit nicely into peoples likes after getting back to "normal" after that Ogre.

Onto the picture!
8th July."Grinding for Tillers Rep." [Pandaren/Goblin/Straight/Oral]
Time is money, specially when working on faction reputations.