31 October 2019

Halloween 2019!

Happy Halloween!​

October 31th - "Halloween 2019!" [Gnome/SFW]
Happy 2019 Halloween!
The Peanuts parody.

22 October 2019

Autumn Commission #7: Break Time With The Farmhands

Time for another commission. Number seven and I think I'll leave it there, as November is just behind the corner and I have picture ideas of my own already planned for that month. So thank you for all the requests I recieved and better luck next time for those whoms idea I didn't create into a picture. I also need to decide if I'll once again do a Christmas give-away event.

This is the seventh and last Autumn Commission and it was requested by Lyral.

October 22th - "Break Time With The Farmhands" [Human/Goblin/Gang/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #7
Working on a field can be hard if one
doesn't know the trade or doing it all alone.
Belasea knows how to use a hoe and has
newly hired farmhands for help. Good thing
Goblins do lot of things for payment.
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13 October 2019

Autumn Commission #6: The Colours of Fall

I might have gone a little bit wild with my previous picture, so it's good to calm down a bit and have a cup of hot coco.
I didn't recieve many SFW commissions, yet enough to make this one.

This is the sixth Autumn Commission and it was requested by Lunash.

October 13th - "The Colours of Fall" [Nelf/SFW/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #6
Here comes the cool air, the light chill of the fall.
Blowing from either direction.
Blowing across the yard it's crisp and it's cool.
The Cat like it, as it sits in the sun.
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05 October 2019

Autumn Commission #5: When the Pet Outsmarts You!

It's October and I have many commissions still to be made. So don't hold high hopes on ORCtober or Scary Month, yet there might be a small chance.
This is the fifth Autumn Commission and it was requested by Aerayn

October 5th - "When the Pet Outsmarts You" [Gnome/Orgy/Zoophilia/Comm]
2019 Autumn Commission #5
She was trying to catch one of the tiny Saurid's
as a pet and even undressed to minimize sound
as she snuck upon her prey. Unluckily, the humid
and hot air of Zuldazar played a trick on her body
and on top of that, it was mating season.
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