15 May 2011


Ellooooo again!

It's spring-time, so time to relax and enjoy the warmth before it gets boiling hot again!

  • 15th May 2011: Diplomacy of Ambassadors [Nelf, Troll, Romance, Safe]

    At times, ambassadors are sent out to tend to the relations between the alliance and the horde,
    for this priestess it was an opputunity to experience other cultures and try something relatively new.
    However she didn't expect to love going there as much as she do now.
    She would surely attempt to get such task again, if she ended up encountering personalities like she just did with the Trolls.

  • 15th May 2011: Cosy Warm OrcKitteh [Orc, Safe]

    Warm spring sun and the silence of no costumers being around. Soft and comfortable bed and self time.
    What more could a inn-keeper as from such a day.

What to tell about the picture.
Well, I wanted to have a theme this weekend and "cuddling" came up to my head.
Even thou the Orcette is alone, I did put a lot effort into her face to show she is quite relaxed and cosy feeling at the moment.

With the Nelf and Troll, I wanted to show out soft sides of the two through cuddling and caressing, all while hiding their private-parts!

Tease I know.

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Anonymous said...

Cuddling is cute!

Still hoping for more stuff with sel or urdina!