Merry Christmas! Hyvää Joulua! Gud Jul! Etc etc Happy Holidays!

Out of the blue, once again, I post out a new picture with "last gen" picture style.
This time, it's Gen 3, but I'm sure no one even bothers with these infos.

Anyway, I'm once again late as always, but just in time for Christmas.
Sorry for all to keep people waiting, I've had quite active, yet lazy life the past two months, so I didn't get any picture done.
With that away from the way, here is this years Christmas picture! Nothing too fancy and flashy, but still something nice and simple.
  • 23th December."Hyvää Joulua from Selanaar!" [Draenei/Non-Ero]

    Happy Holidays, Christmas, Yule and whatever you celebrate! 2013!