27 February 2010

2x +petals.

Anyways, time for some updates again!

This time I'll bring you three new pictures:
Two last installments of Shemale Sel and a bonus with Sel.

Like I said before, these are the last ones for now, Shemale Sel will be put into hiatus until further notice, so don't expect to see more this kind of pictures in a long while.

    Sharing aid.[Shemale/Heter/Anal
    Second last picture of shemale Sel.
    Pleasure can also hurt, but a dear friend to share it might keep it down until the pure pleasure takes over the body, or maybe just to share the amazing pleasure that can't simple be shared with only one person.

    Dual effect.[Shemale/Oral]
    Last picture of shemale characters.
    On her last day with the effect of the elixir, Sel wanted to spend time with her dear friend, whom had given the elixir to her in the first place.

    Bed of Flowers.[Soft/Pinup]
    This is for all of you, and for those that were shocked by the shemale pictures.

20 February 2010

Sel da Shemale!

O-M-GWhat is this? Cube-heaD making futa pictures of Sel?

Sel isn't an futa in the pictures, but an shemale of somesort.
I'm one of those people that have solid opinion about what is futa and not. To me, a futa has a penis -and- a vagina, that is all.
Unlike an herm', there is no balls, no where at all!

But I'm not to start a flame war, just enjoy the pictures!

Surprising finding![Shemale/Pinup]
There is a potion with quite infamous side-effect among some people. The potion is meant to increase selfhealing-rate of a persons body,
but with few individuals the potion does something else then just heals. The effect is nor permanent but still long lasting from few hours to days.
Some call it a futa-complex, but research points that the effect changes the drinkers gender fully, but only the persons lower sex organs,
transforming the persons vagina into an penis and pair of testicles.
This effect is only common with certain individuals, but the effect is quite unstable among non-Azerothian humanoid-races expect Orcs,
but with Draeneis the effect is much stronger, nearly ten to fifty times stronger, as Selanaar one day found out.

Liquid Eruption![Shemale/Solo]
Experiments are always needed with new subjects, that is a fundamental rule among researchers and studies.

14 February 2010

Valentines I thinks day

Time for some request again, and the last one that I had stored since last year >_>;;;;;;

But oh! Because of them, no actual Valentines Day picture, so they have to do with the scenery made fitting for the bloody event :P

    REQ: Meadows of Passion.[Heter]
    Friends request from last November ^^;
    Diplomacy is something that one should uphold when trying to give positive picture of one people or fix something that was done wrong in the past.
    What perfect time would be then the "Love is in the Air" festive at a romantic place.

    REQ: Romantic Night at Sea[Futa/Lesb]
    Another friends request from last December >_>;
    Though lovers already, the Valentines, also knows as "Love is in the Air" festive means a lot for Lucinna and her lover, for it heightens their passion into astronomical numbers, unable to keep their fingers and lips off each other,
    not even on a cruise outside Azuremyst Isle, which Lucinna knew and was prepared well for it.

06 February 2010

Requested dwarfs!

Hey hey everyone!

Yeah, as it can be seen, only one picture this time, sorry, lack of motivation bothers me once more, but least I did get this requested picture done!

    REQ: Heated Lovers.[Heter]
    Friends request one of the persons toon with her lover.
    Passion flows through us all, even after reanimation one can feel the need of closeness of another soul, unlike or alike.