30 January 2011


This weeks update was brought to by Fried vendace, Coregonus albula

Once again, I'm baffled by my mind and how it works. I had planned once again to make least two or even three pictures, but only managed to make,
as my motivation snuck out through the window again and it's bloody hard to track after with all the snow outside!

But in the end, here's one what was ment to be posted and done two weeks back.

    "After warm bath"[Pinup/(Herm|Shemale)]
    Bathing is really soothing, it relaxes your body and mind, but also with little help lets you clean your skin.
    Relaxin is a nice way to open up muscles and as well to ease pain in them.

I also like to thank to all the comments(mostly positive words) about the Female Furbolg "comic"(outside this thread as well).
Even if most of them was laughs from the mans facial expression in the last cell.

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mazeura said...

Seems like you're in a futa/shemale mood lately. Any chance we'll see some other characters like Belvala so transformed? :)