17 July 2012

Something different for a change.


It's me again. A few days late, but it doesn't matter because I have a new picture to be shoooooown!

With two OrginalSel pictures in a row, I had hard time to come up with a third one to tease more.
I did once again had in mind to do a H.R.Giger tribute with her, but I scratched that.
Then I thought to make a picture her as an Librarian, but I scratched that too.
Next, I had the problem of having too many ideas and little inspiration.
But then it hit me. I would make a tease picture with Urdina!
I had everything ready to start working.
But, then something happened. Something that made me change my mind and prolong my work for days.
Until today.

So here is my newest picture, rather random but quite a rare sight I think.
Enjoy or noooooot~

17th July."Sleep in Duty" [Draenei/Solo/Male/Tease]

As if the heat of the searing summer wasn't enough, some do have to work indoors
with nothing to cool the air. The heat makes people lazy and tired.
Some even manages to sleep in the job while cooling down.

10 July 2012

Quick post.

A quick post that I was meant to do back on Sunday(8th July).

Much like the week earlier, no new post this time.
I have too many ideas at the moment and none of them gives me the inspiration to start working on them.
So deciding what to make this time is hard.

Wish I had more to tell, but I don't.