22 October 2017

Spooky Month Picture 3

"Spooky Month" continues!

This time we'll see where our little blue heroine has ended up through the unstable portal!
This picture was also this months tumblr raffle winner and was commissioned by Lazukar

October 22th - Spooky Month: "Through the Portal" [Gnome/Orc/Size]
A guard was having a break at the Goblin slums.
The guard always had a thing for the smaller greens,
and it was no rare sight seeing him having some self time
while watching at the Goblins. But today, a portal opened
infront of him and a blue gnome flew onto his lap as if
a gift from the heavens. Gnomeferatu thought so as well and did her magic.
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16 October 2017

Spooky Month Picture 2

Spooky Month continues! ...even if a day late - sorry.
So let us get back to Gnomeferatus adventure!
This time it is something more lewd, don't worry.

October 16th - Spooky Month: "Vampiric Hypnosis"[Gnome/Pandaren/Size/Footjob]
As Gnomeferatu stuck on her next victim,
she stumbled across something far larger
what she had anticipated to find.
Still, nothing an vampiric gnome couldn't
handle with some dark magic.
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14 October 2017

SpookyComic Teaser: Page 2

Editors note: I made an amaturish error on the first page, as I forgot to add caption boxes to make the story more flowing.

08 October 2017

SpookyMonth Picture 1

SpooOooOooOooky month is here.
I guess it's spooky, when it contains one night when Halloween is.
Anyway, let us see what Gnomeferatu is going after the first comic page we saw.

October 8th - Spooky Month: "Nutritious Late Night Drink" [Gnome/SWF]
As Gnomeferatu found her prey,
she silently moved over to him and
devoured all the nutrients he had
to offer for this hungry undead.

02 October 2017

Brewfest Raffle Winner!

October is here!
Spooky month is here!
Brewfest is still going on! Wait what?

That's right! Even if it's October already, Brewfest is still going on and I had my monthly raffle picture to be made.
I tried to have this done already on Saturday, but due to reasons out of my control it was delayed until today.
This is the seventh raffle picture so far and this one was requested by Clank-Bot

October 2nd "Forbidden Drunk Love" [Dwarf/Orc/Straight]
Clank was having a blast at this years Brewfest,
when he with his drunk eyes saw an odd looking couple
at edge of the festival fooling around. Nothing wrong there,
but an Orc getting drunk in Dun Morogh is a rare sight.
After finishing his beer, the couple had vanished from sight
and Clank in his drunken curious state went to find them.
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