18 December 2010



Yes I've been quite quiet for a time now...
So let this picture to be an answer to that.

~Day like snow snow snow~[Wintry Stressed Blue Murloc]
Re: All you need to know is in the picture ^^;

Actually, the reason is really that I've had really deep lack of either motivation and/or inspiration.
I'm quite specific in what mood I can work on pictures to get them done.

So happy what ever you celebrate around this time of year and happy new year!

Allein wrote:
What's wrong with her eye?

...she has them partly closed?

28 November 2010

Orcish filler

Last weeks updates were brought to you by NOTHINGNESSSSSSS!!!

But this weeks post is brought to you by... This really boring and pointless video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mowKz700Sjs

    "Beastly Desire"[Heter]
    When nature calls and the passion has been risen, there are no shrouds to keep them down from a couple.

I was planning to do the pictures I was supposed to do last weekend, but I ended up doing thsi "filler" picture of two native orcs in Blade Edge's Mountains.

14 November 2010

Forest Gnomes II !

Which is actually two weeks old.


Forest Gnomes?!? Has it really nearly been two years since I last did pictures of them?

And what is this? Unusual tags on the picture? :O
Has Cube-heaD gone complitely mad?!?



No I haven't.


    "Old Trick of Bliss"[Gnome/Anal/Beast]
    This picture might not look as good as my previous works, as this was an experiment to see... something.
    Even if the number of males in the tribes of Forest Gnomes are one to hundred, our previous discoveries tell us that
    they have found many ways to ease their sexual needs during mating seasons when only those with power get to have the men.
    New findings show that some of the elders of the tribes have found ways to keep their bodies active, by using the wildlife of the forest..

    "Her Majesty of the Forest Gnomes"[Gnomes/Pinup/Futa]
    Unlike what had been previously discovered, the Forest Gnomes actually has an ruler, that watches over all the numerious tribes,
    but also commands them as she pleases and most of the members of the tribes grants any wish she cries out.

07 November 2010


This weeks update was brought to you by Magical Bean Worms!
The only Bean worms that allowes you to fly up in the sky before the pods bursts out from your body!

"Secret Steam Room"[Romantic/Lesb]
Everyone has secrets, small or big ones. Some have huge secrets that risks their lives everyday.
Some have even bigger ones and they don't care if people finds out of them.

31 October 2010


Kekekekeke, now that I'm made you people all confused if you should think that deadly looking creature is something to fear or get hots for,
now I got another picture to make your lil' heads to spin.

Does having sex with a ghost as necrophilia?

<insert Headless Horseman laughter here>

"Ghastly love"[Romantic/Heter]
Text found inside the picture. Happy Halloween!(if you celebrate it)

24 October 2010



After many weeks of mind draining battling, I am finaly finaly victorius and returned back to my home with the skull of the anti-dragon!

Or to tell the trueth, I just got modelviewer to working and managed to get motivated enough to do least one picture.
All of you might not like it(I doubt many will), but rest asure, there will be more next weekend, so HUZZAH!

"Wrong turn in the hallway"[BBW/Horror/Pinup]
First Halloween update! So be sure to have your room unlit when checking this out..[/i]

16 October 2010

I'm no dead

Yikes really, I'm sorry that I haven't been posting the past weeks.

First was release of Civ5 that post-poned my update with a week, then next weekends reason was Minecraft.
Last week... I was just not motivated really >_>
So sorry again for being in-active with posts. I had this idea of a mini-comic in the styles of my earlier pictures/comics.
What would it had been? I'm not telling *Chuckles* Okay it would have been of Kagawah.

Anyways, as I didn't make it in the past weeks, I thought an hour ago to make a pinup of Sel, but surprise surprise! ModelViewer isn't working after the bugged up to ass patch Blizz released.

So I got really nothing else to say nor any pictures to post out as I can't make any at the moment(I know I know, I'm so old-timer with this system, but I like my style and people seem to enjoy seeing my "style" that is bland and "too ingamish").

Untill next time, sorry once again.
So here's a link to go as an apologize >CLICK HERE FOR FUNNY<

19 September 2010

On their sides!

This week, I've been mostly having tiny gates of hell as socks.

REQ:"Peace of Afterlife"[Pinup/Undead]
Request from a friend, a Fallen Sin'dorei warrior.

"Mommas offer"[Pinup/BBW]

A laid back update really, couldn't think of any small backstories or info, the pictures themself tell everything needed.

OH! Thanks for all comments since the last posts^^
The story in last weeks "Time for Love" wasn't write by me, I only edited it slightly to crop it down.

11 September 2010

This weeks spanks!

This week, I've been mostly eating Swish-Armyknifes!

As I didn't post anything last week, three new updates this week. All of them are requests by my friends I know.
Have to say, trying to do a femmy boy of a draenei wasn't any easy task and I doubt it ever will be!

REQ:"Time for Love"[Lesb/Romance]
First request from a friend.
Story is merged into the pictures background.

REQ:"Blindness of Love"[Oral/Shemale]
Another request from another friend.
Loving couple, quite different from one another, yet sharing same fate and ideals.
Twan and Alexis relaxing together in peace in the warm sun and refreshing wind.

REQ:"Robbing Innocence"[Heter/Femdom]
Third request from yet another friend. I know he looks odd, but that's... You've seen how male draeneis look!!!
Like a wild predator, she can sence a suitable victim from distances, specially when they are still in their "young" stage(young adult),
even more if the victim has some kind of "specialties", such as very femine body for a man.

29 August 2010

Two new gals of un-fucking believable beauty

This weeks update is brought to you by Crushed Knucklebones INC.

    Innkeeper of Azsara[Comic/Heter/Anal]
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Something new and different for a change, a two page mini-comic to introduce a new still unamed character.
    And yes, I know the text sucks. It was quickly scribbled up.

    "Terokkar Magistrate"[Pinup]
    Yet another introduction picture of a new character(or an old lost one?). This mysterious Draenei is still kept unamed for no real reason then to tease you people.

22 August 2010

Yum yum week

This weeks update is sponsored by FreeTime: When your life is lot of work, open a can of FreeTime to relax for hours or days(comes in different sizes and quanitites)

    Hunting "Truce"[Oral/Heter]
    Back when majority of Draeneis lived in Draenor and peacfully with the Orcs, they rarely met each other, but sometimes during a hunting game,
    a Dreanei hunter might have been seen or even stumbled across.

08 August 2010

Two*two=Two times more pictures!



"Surprising Gift Part2"[Bestiality/Horsecock/Oral/Cum]
You loved it, I knew you would, so here's the alternative ending.

"Surprising Bonus!"[Bestiality/Heter/Whelp]
Bonus picture!
Idea partly taken and asked permission from my good friend"mishou's" awsome work: Big Cocked Whelpling
Honestly, check out his work, it's fantastic style!

I can never really stop telling people to check "mishou's" work, I just love them really hehe.

And next time, I'll return to my normal work list with the pictures, also heading back to the nuke-plant again on monday.

02 August 2010


Update time!

Time for something once again what I haven't done in years!


Iz dat bestiality!?!?

Why yes, yes it is. Though the Unicorn is a Druid-feral form *chuckles*

"Surprising Gift"[Bestiality/Horsecock/Teasing]
Semi-Req by Dixie who was part making the idea of this image.

Selanaar has made over the years many friends around the worlds, some of them with benefits for a thing or two.
One of the "newest" friend is a lone druid that lives up in north, on Northrends vast forests and cold plains while not resting in her hidden lair.
These two friends had met and quite often after that time visited each other in a short period, mostly when Sel was in Dalara.
One day, her friend wanted to surprise Sel with a pleasing gift from all the company and warmth Sel had given.

I'm a day or two late I know.
This times reason is that after I got myself a new computer, I had some troubles with getting my Wacom Bamboo's drivers to work and
to find out where these annoying Windows built in functions can be turned off. Really kill'd my motivation.

No second picture as this is quite a big one and I didn't really have any idea for a second picture to pair up with this one with equal spark.

25 July 2010


Silly update times!

For this image I have nothing to really to say, I just loved the original picture so much I wanted to make a own version of it.
The image is based on humon's "Love and Tentacles" series, to be more precise, this picture http://humon.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2qleo0
I take no credits of the idea or setting, I just wanted to make a own version using Sel in part of the "MonsterGirl series" I like to work time to time.

Like I told in the picture's info, I can't take much credits over this one, since I hadn't even thought about to make a Octopus picture of Sel.
And I'm also sorry that I didn't make another picture to pair this one up, as I'm still under small shopping-spree for my new apartment.

PS. thanks and big hugs to everyone who welcomed me back. I cannot promise what will be posted next time, but I'm trying to keep it fresh and surprising.

17 July 2010

I am back!

And now onto the actual news!
I'm baaaack![Random]

As the picture tells, I've finally moved in to my new apartment and slowly settled down here, so I'm back in business :D
I have so many pictures to be done and so much time to catch and even more to get my pictures better quality and more interesting to watch at!

13 July 2010

News update

cubehead wrote:
So, I'll see when I can post next picture, or least when to get it done, but I'm trying to aim end of this week.


Well, it's been... two weeks now since last post and... what? Four or five weeks with no updates? Not even a "stressed out murloc" picture?
Reason for this is quite simple: Heatwave + packing/cleaning.
Yep, I'm currently moving out to a new apartment... slowly like a snail due to this annoying heatwave we currently have here for the second week.
You don't have to do much to sweat out litres/gallons and make it really agonizing to work or deliver heavy packages and bags from point A to point B.
Aim is that I would be fully moved in by the end of this week, even if I wouldn't have a bed there.
Does that mean that I would have new pictures coming up this weekend? I don't know. I still have a lot of things to move and to throw away or do something to them
before I can fully settle down and enjoy life again and work on new pictures.

Thank you for your patience, my dear lurkers and fans.

12 June 2010

Tiny tiny girls!

Already that time again?!?

Two tiny updates this time for you to glee and smile at.
Do not say that I forgot about you people why like the Gnomish race as well.

    "Big treat for little girl!"[Heter/Oral]
    Big smile and a happy coo, what else can you ask from a cute little girl
    who's actually strong and mature enough to take you down with a punch?

    "Time of payment"[Heter/Oral]
    Gold as payment is the key when dealing with goblins... with majority of them.

06 June 2010

Three is the number!


Once more I was trying something new... kind of, but still!
Also I found out that it was somewhat harder to make Sel look big boned from the front if she was leaning over the man,
but oh well, enjoy them!

FBGP: Fat Bottom Girl Pounding[Heter/Fat]
You know, those big girls also have needs of pleasure, it's not a myth!

"Tourists treat part.2"[Heter]
Same as before "People are much different all through the world even if they are from the same race with you.
Surrounding nature and culture powers the tribes and new offspring for their own destiny as own race.

REQ: "Too big for mouthful"[Heter/Titf*]
This was a quick semi-request for a friend of mine on the flight.


30 May 2010

Two new ones to add to the list!


Hello my dear lurkers and friends, it's time for this and last weeks updates.
Yes I had last week off and promised two or more pictures this weekend.
I managed to make -two- new pictures, one experimental and one... well it got an penis on it so you figure it out.
So no third picture this time as I didn't have the best times this week and I spent most free time, leaving only two early mornings to work on these two.

Hope you'll like them, if not... can't blame you hehe.

    FBG: Fat Bottom Girl(s)![Pinup/Soft/Fat]
    "Aaaaaare you gonna take me home tonight~?
    Aaaaaah down beside that red firelight~
    Aaaaare you gonna let it all hang out~?
    Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go round~!

    "Tourists treat"[Pinup/Heter/Penis]
    People are much different all through the world even if they are from the same race with you.
    Surrounding nature and culture powers the tribes and new offspring for their own destiny as own race.

14 May 2010

There, it's done!

div class="postbody">Here you go then, you asked for it and I delivered it, enjoy!

Galaxy through with Futa![Futa]
You asked for it, so here it is!

08 May 2010

One beasty

Hey hey again.

Only one picture this week, been somewhat busy and unable to make any really,
finished this one back on Tuesdays to see if I had more time end of the week to work on more, but no.

What else to say, hmmm... Nothing I suppo-
OH! And even if it looks like, it's fully made out of WoW-graphics.
Only thing I made myself were the "coins" in the front and the scales.

Anthro p3: Golden Bath[Anthro/Pinup]
This is the third part of my anthro themed pictures. Can you guess from the looks who she is?

01 May 2010

Two beautiful beasts

Hai haaaaai!

Thanks for the comments for the previous picture *bows*
Then to some comments:
Azuca wrote:
I love Selanar, please, please more pictures and a video = D
A video? That's bit over my skills at the moment, but I might try in the future something.

emikochan wrote:
heh I leave for a year and you've really progressed greatly for sure, the new work leaves the old in the dust, here's to another million views :)
Classy updates :D
Thanks for those words ^^

Anyways, time for new updates to celebrate May Day or vappen or vappu, what you call it.

Be warned, some of you might not like the new pictures, specially the one with Sel.

Why I warn? Well have a look before reading the texts >:3

The pictures!
    Anthro p1: Heavy seductive steps[Anthro/Pinup]
    What if the world of Azeroth and Draenor would be bit different what we knew at the moment.
    What if Draeneis were actually a native race from Draenor and nothing like they would be at the moment?

    First picture of my two Anthro themed pictures.

    Anthro p2: Hawks grace.[Anthro/Pinup]
    What if not only the Trolls could inbound with the powers of animal spirits and gods,
    what if there would be forces unknown that would change the person party to the
    animal of his or hers will and heart belong to?

    Second picture of my Anthro themed installments.

22 April 2010


Sowwy, I've been just lacking EXTREMELY HARD motivation. This is why I haven't been posting anything around aaand doing any my pictures.
Sorry hehe... please forgive me ^^;

Anyways, I have nothing else really to tell expect:

    REQ: Family Portrait[Pinup/Lesb/Preg]
    Friends request that I had been neglecting for too long, so here it is.

    Peace treaty[Lesb]
    Sometimes, the most effective way to win over an enemy is through diplomacy and kindness.
    Sometimes it's sharing the common interest and hobby, even if your races despite each other and you are partly an mutant.

    "Scientific Discovery"[Lesb]
    Each race has an distinguish taste and smell, sometimes that taste is quite hard to get onto without getting closer enough to have an lick.

    Beauty from Death[Pinup/Necro]
    Death is an mysterious thing. Death means end of a persons life and the beginning of eternal slumber, unless resurrected or risen from the death as a mindless creature, hungering only for the living.
    Sometimes, when a creature of the undead is finally freed from the necromancers spells, the person regains his/hers mind and will to live, yet staying as an walking corpse.
    For some, it's an curse, for others it's an new start. For few rare, it gives them the eternal beauty they were trying to get when living.

22 March 2010

New EP by Ghost Voyage!

Advert time now is here!

I'm advertising for my dear friend here now as they have finally released their second EP:
Under the Broken Skies.

I don't really know what to tell/type here so I'll just add the link and let you listen to the songs and hear it for yourself.

LINK: http://www.myspace.com/ghostvoyage

And it's no lie, I quite like this kind of music.

20 March 2010

Tusk tusk!

Time for an update.
So, how to take this heh... Either you people did miss my post or didn't like the last picture oooor you were just so upsetted that I didn't pierce her nipples and/or give her an penis?
Which is the reason, I don't know *Shrugs*

Anyways, time for something that I had been planning to do for a long time but only now finaly was able to grip myself to start work on it.
I can say it wasn't any easy task at all, -AT ALL-! I had alot trouble with the head since Iw anted to keep it true to the origin of the race.
I know many peopel would have done it all up postured with necklines and small head like an human or elf as an example.

But here you have it, probably and quite sure of it, the very first image of a female Tuskarr!!!!
I know that Blizz would have made the females look alot more like the males, but I wanted to give her some sort of looks to stand out and probably please some peoples eyes.

    First discovery![Pinup/Anthro]
    Time for once again something that would be first time in Darknest and I suppose ever in the internet!!

    For a long time, the Tuskarr tribes have been very protective over their females and have mostly hidden them away when visitors come visit their village.
    Some speculate the reason for this is that there would be one female for every three male, reason why they are so protective over their females and why they are so rarely seen if at all by someone who isn't an Tuskarr.
    But after a long diplomatic alliance and aiding, the tribe in Howling Fjord has finaly opened up for few traveling adventures and aren't afraid of them
    to hide their women for the very first time in a long time, as this "photo" taken with a Gnomish gadget proves.

14 March 2010

Third three kolme!

Tiiiiime for a small update once more!!!!

    Third member?[Pinup/Magic]
    And now for something completely different.

    Well here we are again, I thank you all for the ideas/hints that you gave me.
    But sadly, they weren't really something that I was expecting(or did). Futa is out of the question, I should have told that
    right away in the beginning. And the nipple piercing(s)? It's still on the table, but I have mostly only cons against it in character-lore wise etc.
    Anyways, I did change her skin color to be more pale, as I actually thought I had made her more darker then Belvala, but they are actually the same tone.
    The freckles can't really be seen in this picture, but they will be added from now on... and the chubbyness? She's a dwarf, she has wide hips already, but I'll see what I can do later.

07 March 2010

Small update

Small update time with a lil' task for you people.

    BB:Blind Bust.[Pinup]
    Time for a new character, but I won't yet reveal her name or anything else.
    Only what you can see in the picture. Her size, bust, hair color and her blind eyes(Yet can see through the use of Light).

    BUT! There is a catch. I am asking for -you- my dear viewers to tell me what you wish to add more to her, or make different.
    So if you have an idea, please add it your your comment(or send it to my PM-box).
    If I like the ideas or some of them, I'll add to her in the up coming picture(s) and thank those who gave the idea(s)

04 March 2010


Alrighty, I finally got grip on myself and started to fix those dead links here in my "blog",
also some in my thread in Darknest but now all links and thumbnails to my pictures should
be working again, until next server move occurs.

That is all for now.

27 February 2010

2x +petals.

Anyways, time for some updates again!

This time I'll bring you three new pictures:
Two last installments of Shemale Sel and a bonus with Sel.

Like I said before, these are the last ones for now, Shemale Sel will be put into hiatus until further notice, so don't expect to see more this kind of pictures in a long while.

    Sharing aid.[Shemale/Heter/Anal
    Second last picture of shemale Sel.
    Pleasure can also hurt, but a dear friend to share it might keep it down until the pure pleasure takes over the body, or maybe just to share the amazing pleasure that can't simple be shared with only one person.

    Dual effect.[Shemale/Oral]
    Last picture of shemale characters.
    On her last day with the effect of the elixir, Sel wanted to spend time with her dear friend, whom had given the elixir to her in the first place.

    Bed of Flowers.[Soft/Pinup]
    This is for all of you, and for those that were shocked by the shemale pictures.

20 February 2010

Sel da Shemale!

O-M-GWhat is this? Cube-heaD making futa pictures of Sel?

Sel isn't an futa in the pictures, but an shemale of somesort.
I'm one of those people that have solid opinion about what is futa and not. To me, a futa has a penis -and- a vagina, that is all.
Unlike an herm', there is no balls, no where at all!

But I'm not to start a flame war, just enjoy the pictures!

Surprising finding![Shemale/Pinup]
There is a potion with quite infamous side-effect among some people. The potion is meant to increase selfhealing-rate of a persons body,
but with few individuals the potion does something else then just heals. The effect is nor permanent but still long lasting from few hours to days.
Some call it a futa-complex, but research points that the effect changes the drinkers gender fully, but only the persons lower sex organs,
transforming the persons vagina into an penis and pair of testicles.
This effect is only common with certain individuals, but the effect is quite unstable among non-Azerothian humanoid-races expect Orcs,
but with Draeneis the effect is much stronger, nearly ten to fifty times stronger, as Selanaar one day found out.

Liquid Eruption![Shemale/Solo]
Experiments are always needed with new subjects, that is a fundamental rule among researchers and studies.

14 February 2010

Valentines I thinks day

Time for some request again, and the last one that I had stored since last year >_>;;;;;;

But oh! Because of them, no actual Valentines Day picture, so they have to do with the scenery made fitting for the bloody event :P

    REQ: Meadows of Passion.[Heter]
    Friends request from last November ^^;
    Diplomacy is something that one should uphold when trying to give positive picture of one people or fix something that was done wrong in the past.
    What perfect time would be then the "Love is in the Air" festive at a romantic place.

    REQ: Romantic Night at Sea[Futa/Lesb]
    Another friends request from last December >_>;
    Though lovers already, the Valentines, also knows as "Love is in the Air" festive means a lot for Lucinna and her lover, for it heightens their passion into astronomical numbers, unable to keep their fingers and lips off each other,
    not even on a cruise outside Azuremyst Isle, which Lucinna knew and was prepared well for it.