12 December 2011

Monday Update! Mystery Character!

Yep yep! I'm late, or am I?!?

Monday over Sunday? What do you think, dear lurker? Should the "publishing day" be moved from Sunday to Monday or not?

Does it suit you better to check and probably fap on Monday, or is Sunday better because it's still weekend?

Oh and here's the new picture!

I did have another picture actually on work, but I felt like doing a "quickly" and introduce later.

You can clearly see where I focused and where I got sloppy.

  • 12th December 2011: Diplomacy or Healing?[Gnome/Tauren/Straight/Cum/Oral]

    There is always truth behind tales and myths. And those tales appear during conflicts on either sides.
    Not everyone believes in them, while others will. It was slightly simpler time before the cataclysm.


Anonymous said...


Pretty good job with the look on her face though.

Anonymous said...

Yay, gnomee =D

Duderino said...

Not a big fan of gnomes, but you did do a nice job on the picture nonetheless.

Also as far as day go, whatever is more comfortable for you. Wouldn't sunday be better since you said you feel more motivated on weekends?