21 February 2009

More puppies!

21.2: Mommy-Sel's Puppy-Daycare pt.2[Cute/non-erotic]
Just a part two of the picture I posted before^^

More cute lil Worgen pups! =3

20 February 2009

Mommy-Sels Puppy Daycare

Mommy-Sel's Puppy-Daycare[Cute/non-erotic]
As an Ambassador, Sel gets to travel alot from one location to another due to her duty.
Sometimes, she takes a small brake and aids her hosts to build up the reputation and friendship between the two races.
This time, she have promised to aid the Kalu'aks with their long taking task to raise up Wolvar pups so that they won't become like their savage and ruthless elders.
With loving care and warmth, her experience as a mother really comes into use when she needs to take care of many small fuzzy Wolvar pups that are growing up rapidly.

Just a fuzzy cuteish update... sowwy if you waited for something mind blowing hot or naughty :<
I'm currently in a rather embarrasing situation: I have so many great ideas and more keeps coming to me...
but I can't decide what to make etc etc... and lost really the motivation also for them due to it >_>;

Otherhands, I've been slooooooowly trying to build up a gallery for my pictures for easier browsing...but it's quite time taking and worning out as I have sooooooooooooo freaking many pictures *sighs*

08 February 2009


Lovely Orcettes[Lesb, Romance, Orcs]
High up in the jagged hills of Durotar can be found a small hut where a Orc couple lives. Normaly only one of them stays at the hut in turns as other keeps the guard or is hunting.
But today, soft murmuring and quiet noices can be heard coming out from the hut,
as the couple is together for the first time in many weeks inside the hut.
Gentle and quiet moaning, wet kisses and shuffling noises gently echoes in there as the two young Orcettes have moved close to each other for warmth and love.

Only one update this time, yeah sowwy :(
Was ment to do a yaoi one too but I left it half done... Tauren cawks are so hard to make realistic looking >_>

04 February 2009

Asian Onnas updated!

Asian Onnas gallery have been update with new 23 pages! That's over 1000 photos of sexy and cute asian women! :o

Go go! What are you still waiting for? And I'm looking at you , Darkshine! >:3

Late again^^;;

Nothing much to say, I just LOVE Fairies <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

(Request)Thrusting the Giant[Size/Gnome/Heter]
Not to squeeze poor Gnome and give him a happy ending, Sel sits on the bed with her kneels, high enough for the gnome to thrust into her nethervalley in and out. Moaning she licks her lips and kneads her huge breasts as the Gnome pants under her.
"Ohhh Clanky... You sure know how to treat a woman larger in size... Mmmmhh.." she moaned as the gnomes size larger cock kept thrusting in and out of her body.
How they had ended up on the same bed and having sex is a total mystery no one will ever know, not even the people working in the inn of Dalaran.

(semi-request)Hot, Steaming Sauna[Lesb/Scissoring/Sauna]
Two hot blooded women, one older and the other younger. Both born under the burning souther sun, one in the jungle, the other far to the unknown sea. They met by chance at a Tuskarr public health spa, became friends nearly instantly. With smiles they had greeted each other as it was womens turn to go to the sauna, they chatted and came to know each other much better then strangers. The heat in the tent kept rising but the two women didn't mind it, more enjoyed the cleaning effect as they sweatted in there. As the heat grew even more higher, their speach became more intense and private, need of company and feeling of isolation. They had moved to sit much closer to each other and even softly cuddle for the warmth of other person. As time went by, they both felt a tingle inside them, the younger stay'd put as the older went to lock the door first, then leaned for a passionatly kiss with the other, leaning down slowly to softly make out with each other in the heat of the Sauna and body heat. Sweat and moans dripped from their lips as things got even hotter and hotter as their needs craved to be filled and attended to...(Thanks to Nesaria for the idea)