22 May 2011

New pictures and gallery.


Hello and welcome for the not so grand opening of the gallery that houses all works of this Blue Murloc Cube-heaD!

But the gallery isn't still ready, nearly all pictures aren't in correct date order and misses their titles and descriptions.

Oh right! The URL http://bakaras.com/murlocish/

But you came here for the new pictures!

  • 22th May 2011: Diplomacy of Ambassadors Part II [Nelf/Orc/Straight/Cum]

    After feeling the generosity of the trolls, the night elven diplomat had have her thoughts about the horde proven wrong,
    yet she did expect that the orcs would be more savage.
    Those expectations was correct though, aside from it not being the savagry she had thought it would be,
    but the treatment was simply something she couldn't help but enjoy.

  • 22th May 2011: REQ: Earthhoof and the Polarpaw Sisters [Nelf/Helf/Tauren/Nude/Threesome/Frottage]

So I still need to work on the actual site and gallery to make it more unique looking, but also on the picture info etc.
Until next time!

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Maise said...

Nice pics as always ! :)

Great job on the site, i like it ! ^^