17 April 2011

Thee unlikely pictures!

Hello all and lurkers!

It's once again time for some new pictures!

But first things first, my server isn't still up, so my old pictures stays down still further etc. etc. etc. yada yada yada.

About the pictures that you might now see and get disturbed.

The first one, Totem of Grimtotem was meant to be done last weekend and post out with the Urdina picture, but I was "busy".
Nothing more to tell about it, just a Grimtotem Tauren doing autofellation.

The second picture, oh boy.
One thing common with all three pictures is that I wanted to try out something new and different/unique.
Why did I then make a picture of a fictive Druide feral-morph power and made a Zhevra without horns mate with her?
I don't know, I just wanted to try to make it and this is the result.

Third and last picture of the week.
Imps are out of the list, so there isn't left any Humanoid race that are smaller then Gnomes...
...so lets make a tiny Clockwork-Gnome and mount it with an strap-on and tube to a container! Success!
And no, it's not dedicated to someone. But if it's some ones Birthday today, congratulations then.

  • 17th April 2011: Totem of Grimtotem [Tauren, Futa, Autofellatio]

  • 17th April 2011: Druids of the Hoof [Beast, Feral]

  • 17th April 2011: Birthday Blow-up [Orc, Micro, Cum, Nude]

Still there? Good.
Until next time!


Anonymous said...

None of these are really my cup of tea :(

But I know you like to try new stuff!

Maise said...

Woot, Drood-Zhevra-morph is hot and original ! :D

Nice pics as always.