31 December 2015

End of Year

Happy New Year 2016!
In hours that is - unless the year has already changed where you are.
Nothing big of a boom, just another quick one to end the year with.
Much like every year, I'll be taking a winter vacation from making pictures all through January and be back some time during February.

31th December "End of Year" [Draenei/Pinup]

Happy New Year 2016!

24 December 2015

Winter Veil 2015 Part 3

It's Christmas Eve! Winter Veil Eve!
For many it means family gathering and feasting on Christmas dinner and opening presents during evening. Others feast it on Christmas Day when they get presents in the morning.
What does this has to do with todays picture? I guess it contains the words "feast", "Christmas" and "Mrs. Claus/Winter".

24th December "Treat for Mrs. Winter" [Dwarf/Gnome/Tease/Oral]

While Greatfather Winter is busy meeting with the children and preparing for the big event,
Mrs. Winter stays behind and helps the Lil' Helpers by baking cookies and cooking porridge.
The Lil' Helpers does appreciate this and return treats for her.

19 December 2015

Feast of Winter Veil 2015 Part 2

Here again, with a new picture!
Nothing too raunchy but still fitting for the season. I must say that Dwarves need lot of editing when sitting on a chair with robe on. Most of the robe down at the waist vanishes inside them as if an ogre punched them.
And no, that is a lollipop-stick poking out between her lips.

19th December "Greatfather Winter's Hard Package" [Dwarf/Nelf/Tease]
Every year, Greatfather Winter arrives to Ironforge to listen what boys and girls
want as gifts during Winters Veil, some even bring treats for old bearded one.

12 December 2015

Feast of Winter Veil 2015

End of year is approaching along with festivities, where most of them revolves around giving gifts to each other.
I don't know where I'm aiming with this, so have this non-nudity yet nudity containing picture to bring up the festiveness.
She's cold, yet hearth warming sight, that those little hands built up from snow.

12th December "Winter Veil Snowwoman" [Gnome/Dwarf/Pinup]

Feast of Winter Veil is still few weeks away,
so the Little Helpers decided to make a snowwoman to kill time.

05 December 2015

Lil' Red Hood & Wolf

December 5th is date today when posting this post.
I didn't raid Karazhan that much back in the day. In fact, I think I first time entered it was during Wrath-expansion.
That doesn't mean that I didn't know about the creative boss events there was. One of them was the Opera-event with three different boss-encounters. This picture is about one of them, but the roles and genders switched - with some artistic freedom.

5th December "Lil' Red Hood & Wolf" [Gnome/Worgen/Anal/Straight]

He might be little, yet big enough for the big bad wolfy.

29 November 2015

Pilgrim's BOUNTY 2015

Couple of days late, yet still on time before end of the festive.
Don't have much to tell this time, other than I'm rather thankful that I still have this lil' hobby after all these years.
I could be better if I just would learn new techniques, 'though I like being the "old grumpy man that yells at kids about their new tricks".

29th November "Pilgrim's BOUNTY 2015" [Draenei/Pinup]

Bountiful reward for a "pilgrim".
This is also "thank you for 200 followers on tumblr" picture.

15 November 2015

Elise Starseeker!

Here again and now with another new NPC - but from another game.
Few people have already made picture's of her and this is my take of her if she was in WoW.
I know, I know the official pictures gave her clear eyes so her pupils can be seen. But if they made her into WoW, I doubt they would give her unique facial and clothing textures. Also with the limited amount of pictures, it is hard to figure out her hair, as in one she clearly has a long ponytail reaching down past her waistline - which is the one I followed after.
Might have stepped into a bandwagon, but only for a brief moment.

15th November "Elise Starseeker - The Cartographer" [Nelf/Pinup]

Known to most by her code name, The Cartographer, the mysterious Elise is the mastermind behind
countless successful League operations.
She's got a lead on the long-lost Staff of Origination - and she needs your help to find it!

08 November 2015



Remember couple of months back when I posted a picture of Ol' Emma?
Don't worry, it isn't another picture of a sexy granny - but two pictures of other known NPC's!
There are many NPCs in WoW that hasn't any big role, but still are known by the players one way or the another.
Choosing a character for the picture(s) was quite hard, as I tried to make the NPC would be well enough known, but still not just a random vendor or trainer. Sure the other one is a vendor, but she least walks a path and speaks out.
The other picture was lot harder to choose, as I couldn't think of any from the Horde. Might be because the years I did play WoW, >90% was on the Alliance-side. That is why, if you've bothered to read to the end, please do tell some Horde NPC's I could use in a picture.

8th November "Bakers Lone Night" [Drwaf/Solo/Masturbation]

Myra Tyrngaarde - Bread Vendor from Ironforge.
She might be visited daily by hundreds, if not thousands of people selling their items to her.
She might have endless pocket of gold to pay them,
but one thing she still haven't gotten - companion.

8th November "Benefits of an Emissary" [Belf/Tauren/Straight]

Dela Runetotem - Tauren Emissary.
She has nearly nine years waited to be granted audience with Silvermoon leader(s) with the other Horde emissaries.
She has seen lot of changes within the city walls and she has kept herself occupied with the locals.

01 November 2015

Hallow's End 2015 part 3 - Hocus Pocus!

It is already 1st of November over here when I'm posting - hence the date tags.
The "Spooooky" month is over for this year. I managed to make three pictures(one per week) and I'm rather happy with that.
I had many many ideas, which will now wait for another year to be made or forever forgotten(the latter is more likely to happen).
Not any big bang to end with, instead something I had fun making.

1st November "Hallow's End 2015 - Hocus Pocus" [Halloween/Undead/Pinup]

Last picture for Hallow's End 2015
Featuring an witch conjuring creature up from her magic brew,
while her broom is supporting her weight.

25 October 2015

Hallow's End 2015 part 2 - Zombie Girl

Time for a new spoooooooky picture! It really isn't that spooky, just full of rotting flesh and disturbing looking.
I had some trouble with this picture, as I couldn't decide with the angle and what undead/monster would be using the poor living dead without lower jaw.
This picture also reminded me why I don't do close-up pictures using old models. I curse you, Undead Ice Troll models, I trusted you!
One more week, then it's end of spooky month. Cya!

25th October "Hallow's End 2015 - Zombie Girl's Mouthful" [Halloween/Undead/Oral/Straight]

Hallow's End 2015 part 2.
Without lower jaw, it is hard to say no.

18 October 2015

Hallow's End 2015 - Spooky Friends!

Spooky time has begun! Or least Hallow's End has begun in WoW - dunno about actual Halloween.
Never the less, time for something spooooooooky or just weird shit - depending on how you see things.
I couldn't decide what to make pose for the picture, so I ended up using all three ideas I had and I'm quite happy with 2/3 of the picture.
Don't come back bark at me, you knew very well that I do weird pictures.

18th October "Hallow's End 2015 - Spooky Friends" [Halloween/Ghost/Monster/Zombie]

Hallow's End 2015 is here and time to get some spooky, disturbing and weird pictures out!

PS. If someone wants, I do like to hear who of the three would be on the next picture(or all of them).

11 October 2015

Week between two WoW-holidays!

Time for a non-festive/holiday picture before Hallow's End begins next weekend.
I had many different ideas for this weekends upload(s) and I ended up with this one. The major theme was to use a female Tauren in the picture - as it has been nearly a full year since I last time made one! D:
Like I typed earlier, I had many ideas where one that I did start was a Grimtotem Tauren having a bath or something, while three murlocs(yes, murlocs) would be getting "milked" by her. Maybe I'll do that one some other time.

This weekend picture was quite a time-killer for some reason, took me more than I thought it would take. Biggest reason I think was the leafs on their shoulderpads and how long I spent time to get them look even a little bit decent. Another reason I think could have been letting youtube play on my second monitor >_>;

11th October "Moment of Healing Touch" [Nelf/Tauren/Straight]

Not all druids need to be in feral-form to get into heat.

Starting next week(hopefully): Spooooooky pictures!

04 October 2015

Brewfest 2015 part 2

Back again with a new Brewfest picture to be shared.
I bet many of you had something different in mind when it came to see old Selanaar having a jolly time at the festive.
Maybe next year your guess would hit the spot!

Unlike the previous pictures so far, this one needed more editing 'cause of her clothing and spine bending sitting position.
Why a Goblin? Because they represents Hordes Brewfest side and drinking is one thing that either brings people together or
cause them to fight and then become friends(with good luck). And I let you know that I hate how clunky the Goblin models are compared to the new one and they aren't getting a new one in years.
Come to think of it, I could have placed her to Durotar than Dun Morogh - too late now.

4th October "Brewfest 2015: Drunk Selanaar" [Draenei/Goblin/Oral/Brewfest]

Brewfest 2015 is still going on and old fans of the festive is still there since day one.

27 September 2015

Brewfest 2015

Brewfest 2015 is here! It has already been a week, I know that, shut up.
Let us start easy with a simple pinup-picture with one of the "Brewfest CoverMaidens" from "Brew of the Month" clubs monthly magazine!

27th September "Brewfest 2015 CoverMaiden" [Dwarf/Pinup/Brewfest]

Brewfest 2015 has begun! Cheerful time for everyone!

Next time we'll look inside the magazine for more images to ogle on.

Originally Posted by Redpandaman
Really like your pandaren stuff! Do you plan to do anything based on the newer "HD" female tauren model? I see you did quite a bit of tauren stuff in the past but nothing with the newer model, or I missed it. Keep up the fantastic work.
Thank you. And that is actually true, I haven't done any with their new models. I've had many ideas in mind but never gotten to make any of them. Have to see when I could fit a Tauren in.

20 September 2015

Pre-Brewfest post!

Seems like I'm back to my old super late schedule - hoo boy.

To prove I'm not dead, I've made a new picture and not yet another teaser for my comic that might come out next summer with this speed.
I'll try to get back into shape - as my favourite "WoW-holiday" just started: Brewfest!
I won't promise, as always, but I'm aiming to least do two Brewfest pictures if not three - and on the comic.

20th September "When Pillows Collide" [Human/Pandaren/Pinup/Nude]

When two worlds collide, it can be a soft and joyful happening.

03 September 2015

Teaser time part 2!

Teaser time part 2!

[x]<-click a="" bigger="" for="" version="">

OMG! It’s another teaser!
Actually, this will be the first “cannon” teaser, as I’m redoing the whole panelling of the comic - so what I did show earlier will be changed.
This is the cover - which I’m happy with. I doubt I will change or redo it, unless I somehow absorb all the knowledge I need to use blender or any other 3D-modeling program well enough to pose. Until that miracle happens, I’m doing the comic and any upcoming pictures in my old “Dr. Frankenstein style”.

Until next time!

22 August 2015

Ye old beauty

It's weekend! Time for this crazy pervert murloc to spew out a new picture!
This time we all get to enjoy an old idea I've had for a long time, but only now managed to do it.
It's "old" enough idea for the NPC to get a facelift with release of new models.
This picture would have been made last weekend already, but I got stuck raging at Blender while trying to learn how to use it with WoW models. I could do it with old models, but with the new one I get stuck at a brick wall called eyelids! I can't make them move out of the way! D:

Anyway, this picture due to it was made in my "old" style.
I hope there is someone out there that will like this one. I'm pretty sure many won't - some might even flinch.

22th August "Ol' Emma's Reward for Kind Soul" [Human/Pinup/Nude]

After so many years talking to herself and carrying hundreds of times buckets of water,
Ol' Emma was over joyed to meed a kind soul who helped her with her bucket
and wanted to reward the kind soul.

16 August 2015

Teaser time!

Teaser time!

Here’s a quick teaser of my upcoming comic. I can’t tell when it is done, but it will be done this year - honest!
I did receive couple of comic scripts and I thank for them and happy to receive more to put into the idea-box. Not all will be made, although ideas will be picked to later time if I like them.
Also another reason why I’m posting this teaser is because I haven’t managed to make any new pictures - because I started to play with Blender.
I tried to make a working rig for new wow model(s), but I kept bashing my head against walls after another and the last straw was that I couldn’t find any guides to help me. Be-cursed eyelids! How do you open up!?! I might try out another program(s) to get me out using ModelViewer and it’s sawbladed edges on models.

09 August 2015

Unconventional furries?

Two busy weeks behind and third at the end. Time for a new picture!
I won't bore you with stories why I was away the past two weeks, so I'll go right into the picture
This one is yet another Panda picture, so furry-haters beware! This one is also kind of special as it is a requested picture. And knowing me, I haven't done one of those kinds in ages!
What about the picture then? I'm happy with it, I do like doing pictures of our relaxed fluffy "asians" from middle of the sea.

9th August "Req: Unconventional Couple" [Pandaren/Yuangol/Straight]

There are no written records about Yuangol showing love
toward any of their neighbouring races.

Until next time! I also have a small project starting, so I'll try to post some progress pictures as soon as I can.

19 July 2015

Furrtastic post

Surprise update out of the blue!

That's right, back on Sunday schedule(s)!
Time for something more furry for a change. Don't worry, it's not furry-porn... or well, it is, as they all have fur on them and other anthropomorphic traits.
Tried few new things on this picture, but they are barely visible and mostly just for me - which makes me quite happy with this picture.

19th July "Furbolg Frenzy" [Pandaren/Furbolg/Threesome]

Pandaria is full of bear-like anthropomorphic humanoids,
but also up north on Northrend lives another race of bear-like anthros
in their huge city of Grizzlemaw.

Have a good Sunday!

14 July 2015

Part two of Part 2

Publishing again a new picture on a Tuesday! Apparently my schedule is "messed up" and has moved from Sunday to Tuesday. Guess it doesn't really matter on what day I post my pictures out, as long I do post them out for the googling eyes.
Again with Selanars bottom? Geez, I'm running out of ideas!
Actually there is no fear of that. I have more ideas than I ever could make pictures out of.

14th July "Legacy Bottom Part 2" [Draenei/Gnome/Lesbian]

There are some legacies you want to share with people.

07 July 2015

Beginning of July!

Hello etc. etc. etc. etc.

Time for more

Legacy Selanaar!


And surprise surprise, it's her showing off her big behind. After I had finished this picture, I noticed that I have done quite many pictures of her showing her hindquarters more than anything else :D Funny, eh?
And I know I'm two days late, mainly because last week was like hell. It was sooo hot outside and the air was humid as a soaked dog.

7th July "Legacy Bottom" [Draenei/Pinup]
There are some legacies you want to show to people with big pride.

28 June 2015

End of month post!


End of month is just behind the corner and here is next batch of pictures. Two of them as I promised.
I know some will be disappointed that it isn't featuring Sel in them. The reason for the troll(s) was that I hadn't done in a long time a picture with a female troll(if you don't count the picture with the magical book spraying all over ones face).
Nothing much else to tell. Have awesome summer!

28th June "Triple Jungle Ritual - part 1" [Troll/Pinup]

Jungle Rituals usually have only two participants,
but a skilled individual can preform up to five rituals at the same time.

28th June "Triple Jungle Ritual - part 2" [Troll/Straight/Orgy/Oral/Anal]
Jungle Rituals usually have only two participants,
but a skilled individual can preform up to five rituals at the same time.

21 June 2015

Hyvää Juhannusta 2015!

Hyvää Juhannusta PRKL!
@Happy Midsummer to all!

We celebrated Midsummer up here in Finland 19-20th June already, as we have it only fixed to be on a weekend rather on a day. But never the less, Midsummer Fire Festival just begun on Azeroth! Happy coin farming for all who still plays the game.

What comes to the new apartment, we've mostly settled down but I still have lot of items to pack and carry over(I basically still live at my old apartment). I have also been working on two new pictures, but they won't be released until next week - as I did remember that it's Midsummer picture time! some might call this a lazy picture as I hide everything behind their silhouettes. To that I just say "Meh".

Jolly summer for all and don't get sun burned when you step outside to get some food.

21th June "Midsummer Heat" [Draenei/Goblin/Oral]

Hyvää Juhannusta 2015 prkl!
Happy Midsummer 2015!

31 May 2015

Coffee Time Intermission

Hello hello,

Nothing big this time, as I've been moving my girlfriends boxes and bags into my place before moving out for a bigger apartment.
So this time it'll be just a quick "intermission" picture with very minimal editing - cause I just don't have the time now.
With this intermission-picture, I will post new "proper" picture hopefully next weekend.

31th May "Coffee Time Intermission" [Draenei/Nelf/Non-Ero]

There is always time for cup of coffee.

25 May 2015

Double post 2015!

I'm late, I know!
I'm sooooo late! Ugh! I don't have much of reasons or excuses to tell why. Busy life is busy life!
My odd habit only to get pictures done during weekends and mostly on dawn is really hard to keep up if having "active" lifestyle xD
And I had planned to get these done already on Saturday, but back on Friday I somehow managed to hurt my right shoulder and neck while in the shower - doing nothing!

Ugh, anyways. I still managed to make these both today - when not playing Witcher 3.
Why two? Because I missed one week and I wanted to give old friends their pictures and stop them from nagging that I promised to do them years back.
Also, one of them is this years first and most likely the only futanari picture I'll do this year. Who knows!

Enjoy pre-Cataclysm Selanaar pictures!

25th May "Dream from the Past" [Draenei/Futa]

It might have happened or it was just a dream, the Draenei with gigantic
reproductive organs thought to herself. But a wonderful night it either way was.

25th May "Reunion of Dear Old Friends" [Gnome/Draenei/Straight]
Years had passed since their last meeting and they had so much to do to catch up with the time.

11 May 2015

Martian Gnome from Great Dark Beyond!

Back again!

And late, I know. I'm day or two late from my usual schedule. I put the blame on my "busy" lifestyle and on Mother's Day that was on Sunday.
Why couldn't I do a picture later that day? I've over the years some how made morning times the time I make pictures - to make rest of the day free for anything else. So my mind sticks to that even if I would want to work on a picture, but my motivation says "F that! It's fun time now!".

Anyway, many of you peeps and perverts did actually notice the hint in the mermaid picture what might come next.
I have to sadly tell you that this isn't that picture. Selanaar will be once again featured next weekend, while the picture today is something I quickly made, so you people wouldn't have to wait for two weeks for new picture.
It was a crazy idea I came up with while trying to get some sleep. If Outland has Sand Gnomes, why couldn't there be "Martian Gnomes" somewhere where the Draeneis have been over the years. They've probably have been wiped out by the Burning Legion by now, but who knows! Maybe they fought back with their deadly ray-guns and MIND BULLETS!!!

11th May "Gnome from Great Dark Beyond" [Gnome/Draenei/Anal/Straight]

During their long exodus, the Draeneis met many races,
which would in time mettheir end under the Burning Legions army.
Some might have escaped by fighting back with ray-guns and mind bullets!

Next time, 15-17th May should be when Selanaar should appear again.
Until then, bye!

03 May 2015

May of the 3rd

Spring is blooming(or least trying) and soon it is summer!
Hello and here we are again you and me. Looking at the newest picture I have for you.

Let's cut it short and just say that it was either this or librarian and this fishy won.
I know, it's yet another teasing picture. I can't help it, I like doing them.

3rd May "Mermaid of Azuremyst Isles" [Draenei/Selanaar/Pinup/Tease]

If there were Mermaids on Azeroth, they definitely wouldn't look like Draeneis.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I used the old old legacy Selanaar, hence why she doesn't have scars all over her body, her horn isn't cut in half and the age old hairstyle.

24 April 2015

Quest quest

WTF? It's only Friday and I'm already posting out a new picture?!?
That's correct, I am. It is yet another of those teasing pictures, but it isn't a continue for last weeks picture - sorry :P
I had oddly easy ride with this picture, after a rough start of getting her legs into the pose I wanted - thank you Monk-class animations.
This picture was my girlfriends idea and request that I had been neglecting couple of weeks until today.

24th April "Quest for Hard Candy" [Nelf/Pinup/Tease]

One night in Darnassus, Lunash begun to crave for something big and hard to put in her mouth.
Sadly, Darnassuses reserves had run out, so she decided to try something different.
She took her cat with the hat and traveled further than she really needed, into Silvermoon in hopes for some Blood Elven candy.

Next week yet another tease picture? Maybe, or maybe it is something more bigger.

19 April 2015

Too small package

Here again, like always during the weekend.

I have a new picture to show to you few people. It isn't anything special, but it is still something to look at.
I don't have lot to really tell about this weeks picture. I had some trouble with the angles and poses, but I think I managed them in the end and created this teasing picture. You can nearly smell the musk - or not really, it's just a digital image in front of you on your monitor.

19th April "Too Small Package" [Orc/Draenei]

Don't you hate when your underwear are too small.

That was awfully little to write about, but really nothing much to tell. So, um... Have you seen the new series(14) of lego mini-figures? They are Halloween-themed!
Okay, I'm out. Until next week!

11 April 2015

Saturday 11th!

New picture time and something different what I would normally do.
A picture with a Worgen! When I was planning on this picture, I hadn't yet figured out what race to use. I was very close picking a Naga instead, but after reading LegnaX's cry for Worgen I was sold! But it had it's problems.

Originally Posted by dennis
Well, to give some reason to the lack of worgen, their ingame model is a bit lacking, to say the least. So they're a bit hard to work with, to be honest.
You hit the nail spot on. While Goblins and Worgen were for a long time most "advanced" and high-polygoned models, after MoP and WoD new models, they are the new "old models" with their lack of expressions(moving lips, eyes and cheeks). Hence many won't touch them at all or face the long task making them more up to date.

As for the person behind her. I wouldn't have come to this idea in the first place if I hadn't found the aquatic Faceless Ones with Modelviewer. I had all forgotten about them from Vash'jir and Throne of the Tides.
Normaly I don't like to work with tentacles nor demons or other monstreous creatures - but for this picture I made the exception, also I do like some Lovecraftian mythos now and then.

11th April "Touch of the Faceless" [Worgen/Pinup/Monster]

Ia! Ia! Dagon!
Wait, wrong universe and mythos. Nevermind.

06 April 2015

Noblegarde 2015

It's April and Easter is here along with WoW's edition of it, Noblegarden.
This time I have yet another picture with WoW most loved and hated anthropomorphic amphibians: Murlocs!
This is also the last one where they are the main feature in the picture(for now). It is also this years Noblegarde picture - for now.
As the month has changed, it is time to change the "topic" of the pictures once again and see what I will bring next time.
And don't worry those who are still waiting, I will bring Sel back at some point.

  • 6th April "Noblegarde Prank" [Human/Murloc/Gangbang]

    Happy Noblegarden 2015!
    Be look out for eggs left by the Jester, they might cause unwanted attention.

29 March 2015

Through the Eyes of a Lady

Hello hello hello.

It's snowing sleet, or wait, is it raining? It's mostly water than anything snow. I don't know.
There might be least one or three people out there that finds it surprising that this weeks picture doesn't
contain -any- Murlocs in it. NONE! Just a Iron Dwarf and Draenei doing it.
I've had for a long time in mind to do a female-PoV picture, but other ideas and inspirations always pushed that idea to the side. This isn't the first one, but this one is the first one where the view is more where the face could be - rather than hovering closer to the crotch.

  • 29th March "Through the Eyes of a Lady" [Draenei/Dwarf/Straight/POV]

    The Dark Irons might still be shunned by their peers,
    but they sure aren't picky or turn down a good time - like any Dwarf.

22 March 2015

Getting Even with Jester

Here again, hi!
And yes, there are more sticky stuff and scales on this weeks picture.
With the last weeks picture, I did get the idea to come up how our poor Blood Elf lady would get her revenge on the said "Jester".
I had many different ideas, but ended up with this close-up. No luck this time for the belf lass, Goblins are sneaky people.

One week left of this month and Easter is sneaking up on us and Noblegarden with it. So I have to ponder and wonder if I'll make something related to that event or not. I'm definitely not making another anthro picture I did couple of years back. :D

[*]22th March "Getting Even with Jester" [Goblin/Murloc/Gangbang/Bukkake]

Even if she did get her revenge on the Jester,
she didn't know the Jester didn't mind it and uses the spunk in the skin lotion she sells.

Must say, after working with the new models - now Goblins feel old with their stubby fingers, immobile eyes and eyelids that just appears xD
And I know I still need to work so much on the cum. I just can't get it ever look right - least for myself.

15 March 2015

Jesters trap!

Welp, my well earned week long "vacation" turned into two weeks quicker than I thought.
I blame vidya-gaems! They released two amazingly good games on the same day back on Tuesday.
Aaaand I've been busy with other things as well. So let's just go with the usual one and say I got lazy.

I didn't have as big plans for March as I did for February - but I still have time to come up with something to catch up with the time.
What you'll see here is something that might shock you and disgust you - but then again, why are you even here in the first place if this is true? Bugger off!
But if you still stayed to see what in earth I did create this time, get ready for something unusual!

  • 15th March "Jesters' Perfume Trap" [Belf/Murloc/Gangbang/Bukkake]
    Never trust a jester selling perfumes.
    It might be a potent mixture that makes the local Murlocs all wild.

01 March 2015

Last in Month.

I know it is already March - but I had a busy day off(and worth it).
I'm sure somewhere it is still Saturday when I'm writing this.
Nope. I'm two hours late to use that trick, darn.

This is the final picture of BBW(chubby) Elf month.
It was quite a productive month and I'm surprised that I managed to keep the pace all through the month.
It was a fun one and I did enjoy it quite much, even though bigger girls isn't something everyone enjoys - but so is everything.
So I like to thank all of you who enjoyed these picture in any levels. It means much to me and keeps me making these - even if it is a minor hobby of mine.

What is going to happen after this? I don't know. I have ideas, but I might take March lot calmer with pictures.
Twice a week is quite a task even if it doesn't sound so.

  • 1st March "Month of the BBW Elves #9 Candlelit Honeymoon" [Nelf/BBW/Straight]
    Final picture of BBW Elf Month.

PS. Even with their new models, I still HATE how male nelfs are in-game. With their massive hands that can close a Gnome inside just makes the pictures always so odd looking. I hate it!

PPS. There was some talk about Blogger stopping supporting adult contained blogs, but apparently they changed their mind over at Google and decided to do nothing.
I was already ready to move my blog into a Wordpress blog that I would host, but I guess I'll keep that on hold until another time.

25 February 2015

Jiggle jiggle jiggle!

I can't believe that I'm still keeping up with the twice a week schedule!

Time for another girl on girl picture, which only means that the last picture of the month will be...

Straight sex between a man and a woman!

I had rather blast working on this picture this time, time really flew by quickly.
I was done with it earlier than I anticipated. Which is awesome in my opinion.
What else to tell about the picture? She's using a strap-on.

  • 25th February "Month of the BBW Elves #8 Jiggling from Passion" [Nelf/BBW/Lesbian/Nude] Jiggle jiggle jiggle~

22 February 2015

Big Booty Alarm at Saltheril's Haven!

Big Booty Alarm at Saltheril's Haven!

End of week picture time. Time for yet another pinup, the last one of the month.
I'm quite happy with this one, especially how I managed to use a nelfs face to make a helf/belf(as modelviewer cannot yet read the new models from PTR).
Why is she at Eversong Woods? She was going to be a Blood Elf, but the world moves in strange ways.

Two more to go! Until next time!

  • 22th February "Month of the BBW Elves #7 Saltheril Booty Alarm! [Helf/BBW/Pinup/Nude]
    Big Booty Alarm at Saltheril's Haven!
    Why is a High Ellf hanging around Blood Elf weed party and all naked? Dunno.

19 February 2015

Triple Trouble!

Only two weeks left of this themed month.
After this picture on the 19th, there is still time for three more pictures.
What will next month bring? I have ideas up in my mind, but nothing is still certain.

But now onto the new picture!
In my own opinion this picture turned out quite well, but I am my worst critic and I see so many flaws in it that I don't care.
Hope you'll enjoy it!

  • 19th February "Month of the BBW Elves #6 Triple Trouble!" [Nelf/BBW/Orc/Troll/Tauren/Anal/Oral/Foursome]
    Sixth picture of the BBW Elves month and it is getting crowded in the picture!

14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and everything!

And a fun day for everyone else who isn't celebrating the day or is single. Don't worry, it's just another day, don't make a huge number of it to get all gloomy.

Picture time!

  • 14th February "Month of the BBW Elves #5 Valentine's Day" [Nelf/Lesbian/Nude/BBW]
    Happy Valentine's Day 2015!

11 February 2015

Part 4: The Quickening!

Midweek post with new picture.

It's Wednesday and time for a new picture. This one was bit tricky for all the right reasons, but still managed to make something.
This Friday is the 13th, but that doesn't mean I'm making a Friday 13th picture or something to do with the new 3ds.
No, I will be working on for what is on Saturday, Valentine's Day, or what it is better know up here in soggy Finland, Friend's Day.

  • 11th February "Month of the BBW Elves #4 Colours of Darnassus" [Nelf/Pinup/Nude/BBW]
    Fourth picture in the all through theme month!

08 February 2015

Part 3 of Month of BBW Elfs

Hello hello hello.
It has been quite a week and even more surprising with the responds and comments for the previous picture.
Of course they aren't visible in the forums, but in other sources such as this blog and some private messages have been quite positive and moral boosting for me.
So I thank you all who have enjoyed the last picture and the first one. Have this new picture as a treat then and hopefully you all will keep your stakes and torches down for the blasphemous change I've done.

  • 8th February "Month of the BBW Elves #3 Diplomatic Negotiations" [Belf/Nelf/Lesbian/BBW]

    Third picture of the month and something new again.
    A Blood/High Elf with more weight than a child? Blasphemy!

A keen eye can see that I've used the "old" belf model, as I am heavily depending on ModelViewer and it's current build cannot read PTR files.

05 February 2015

Second picture of the Month!

Time for an update!

This image I already had finished roughly 18hours ago, but I didn't have the time to post it out.
Also, this image contains cheating - I used a male Draenei who just had sex with the jelly-rolls Night Elf!
What is done is done and I'm quite happy with the picture and I hope some of you will enjoy it as well.

  • 5th February "Month of the BBW Elves #2 Creampie" [Nelf/Draenei/Straight/Creampie/BBW]
    Second picture of the month and I am already cheating by using a non-elf race! Wooo!
 And remember, when visiting the gallery: click on the image to make it full sized.

01 February 2015

February is the month of Elves

Boom! I'm back from my vacation!
It is the first day of February and let us begin with yet another themed month!
I have the whole month already planned full with ideas and concepts!
I've also taken step forward and left the obsolete(but loved) PhotoImpact behind and moved to use PhotoShop full time for my pictures. This might be seen on some clear error, as I am still learning how to use the bloody monolith.

Onwards for the first picture of the month!
  • 1st February "Month of the BBW Elves #1" [Nelf/Nude/Pinup/BBW]

    February will feature elves and only elves of the chubbier kind!

27 January 2015


Now I'm really confused.
I was just lazily checking my picture-gallerys "most viewed" list and saw something that wasn't there couple of weeks back.
One certain picture of Selanaars' behind had not only reached 10k view, but broken through it and has at the moment over 13k views!
I'm surprised and at the same time confused out of my mind! It wasn't there couple of weeks back. I'm pretty sure it only had few thousand of views along with the other pictures. Someone must've shared it's link somewhere and suddenly it had gotten thousands of views all the suddenly - and I have no idea from where!

Here's a picture of it, that will also link to a bigger picture with the top9 most viewed pictures.

15 January 2015

Filler time

Posting something to fill in the cap before I'll start working on new pictures on February.

You can find this picture already in my gallery, but I still decided to post it out.
This is one of my very first "manips" I had done, way before I started doing anything porn related into Darknest.

The Gnome Experiment