24 April 2015

Quest quest

WTF? It's only Friday and I'm already posting out a new picture?!?
That's correct, I am. It is yet another of those teasing pictures, but it isn't a continue for last weeks picture - sorry :P
I had oddly easy ride with this picture, after a rough start of getting her legs into the pose I wanted - thank you Monk-class animations.
This picture was my girlfriends idea and request that I had been neglecting couple of weeks until today.

24th April "Quest for Hard Candy" [Nelf/Pinup/Tease]

One night in Darnassus, Lunash begun to crave for something big and hard to put in her mouth.
Sadly, Darnassuses reserves had run out, so she decided to try something different.
She took her cat with the hat and traveled further than she really needed, into Silvermoon in hopes for some Blood Elven candy.

Next week yet another tease picture? Maybe, or maybe it is something more bigger.

19 April 2015

Too small package

Here again, like always during the weekend.

I have a new picture to show to you few people. It isn't anything special, but it is still something to look at.
I don't have lot to really tell about this weeks picture. I had some trouble with the angles and poses, but I think I managed them in the end and created this teasing picture. You can nearly smell the musk - or not really, it's just a digital image in front of you on your monitor.

19th April "Too Small Package" [Orc/Draenei]

Don't you hate when your underwear are too small.

That was awfully little to write about, but really nothing much to tell. So, um... Have you seen the new series(14) of lego mini-figures? They are Halloween-themed!
Okay, I'm out. Until next week!

11 April 2015

Saturday 11th!

New picture time and something different what I would normally do.
A picture with a Worgen! When I was planning on this picture, I hadn't yet figured out what race to use. I was very close picking a Naga instead, but after reading LegnaX's cry for Worgen I was sold! But it had it's problems.

Originally Posted by dennis
Well, to give some reason to the lack of worgen, their ingame model is a bit lacking, to say the least. So they're a bit hard to work with, to be honest.
You hit the nail spot on. While Goblins and Worgen were for a long time most "advanced" and high-polygoned models, after MoP and WoD new models, they are the new "old models" with their lack of expressions(moving lips, eyes and cheeks). Hence many won't touch them at all or face the long task making them more up to date.

As for the person behind her. I wouldn't have come to this idea in the first place if I hadn't found the aquatic Faceless Ones with Modelviewer. I had all forgotten about them from Vash'jir and Throne of the Tides.
Normaly I don't like to work with tentacles nor demons or other monstreous creatures - but for this picture I made the exception, also I do like some Lovecraftian mythos now and then.

11th April "Touch of the Faceless" [Worgen/Pinup/Monster]

Ia! Ia! Dagon!
Wait, wrong universe and mythos. Nevermind.

06 April 2015

Noblegarde 2015

It's April and Easter is here along with WoW's edition of it, Noblegarden.
This time I have yet another picture with WoW most loved and hated anthropomorphic amphibians: Murlocs!
This is also the last one where they are the main feature in the picture(for now). It is also this years Noblegarde picture - for now.
As the month has changed, it is time to change the "topic" of the pictures once again and see what I will bring next time.
And don't worry those who are still waiting, I will bring Sel back at some point.

  • 6th April "Noblegarde Prank" [Human/Murloc/Gangbang]

    Happy Noblegarden 2015!
    Be look out for eggs left by the Jester, they might cause unwanted attention.