28 August 2013

Crazy Days


Nearly a full month this time and more to come.
No idea why I hadn't posted anything here before now.

I'm terribly sorry for not posting anything new in the past weeks/month.
My life has become quite busy and clusterfucked by events and travels.
Nothing bad so to speak, but lot has been happening.
Earlier this month I had my "summer vacation" which sucked all my motivation for everything,
I didn't do anything expect watch viral videos and help with my brothers home.
After those weeks my work at the nuclear-power plant started and I've been working 12hour days since last weeks Monday(even on weekend), so I've been quite limited with free time and energy.

As a cherry on top, recently bought a new CPU for my table-computer.
Old as I am, I had only checked that -some- AM3 socketed motherboards can be upgraded to support AM3+, but not this one.
So there goes more days to wait for new Motherboard, since the only computer-shop here closes doors before I get home from work.
So I played waiting game until last Friday when it arrived. I fixed everything up and used few hours to get it up and running.
Then it was to fight with old motherboards drivers and systems that didn't want to be uninstalled at all. Along with the fact that the new MB doesn't support IDE-cables, only SATA's and my DVD-player uses IDE-cable.
So installing the MB's drivers wasn't that hard with the use of USB memorysticks.
All hell broke loose though on Sunday, when this smart ass, me, decided after a long defragmantation and windows updating to update his BIOS.
If only he knew and wouldn't just gotten lazy with that and hadn't decided to "spare some time" by doing so.
Bluescreen of Death.

It's Wednesday evening after 8PM as I write this, currently I'm formating my 1TB harddriver after saving all items I do NOT wish to lose EVER.
So yeah... I managed to downgrade the bios, but it wasn't enough. Something had messed up so badly with the combined powers of windows and bios.
Better off formating the driver and saving all my photos, documents, WIPs and other art items to my other HDD.

What else can I say? I made a huge mistake and have to pay it sloooowly.
Luckily I do have my laptop, WiiU and Lumia900 to keep me "online", but it isn't the same as tablecomputer.
Specially when it comes to work with pictures! I have never been able to focus on my pictures when trying to work with
my laptops. I just can't. There is something that doesn't feel right at all and I can't pin-point it at all.

I hope this long "message" will clear out the questions where I am for the few of you out there.
And I hope this all will work out and I'll slowly get back to work with all the pictures I have in progress.