First was the weekend after my trip and I was worn out fully.
Then was a weekend with no message at all from me, reasons for no pictures last weekend is simple:
I got ill and did have some family business to be done.
I'm still ill, some sort of virus. I have the synthoms of a fewer, but I have no high body-temperature at all. =/
So to make up the two previous weekends, I had planned to do this week -SIX- or -EIGHT- pictures to make it up.

I had all planned up and chosen what to do, but... every morning I was meant to start work on pictures, something distracted me.
Either it was RP, a game or just chatting with people.
I'm truly sorry... but hey, least I did get one done, right?

So here you go, out from the box and dusted clean, Urdina Dé Mercury spinoff!

  • 10th April 2011: PosterGurl Exoticita [Humani, Futa, Nude]
Still no news from my host, sadly. So my old pictures will stay out of reach still some time longer, sorry about this.