27 November 2016

End of the line for this train.

It's the end of the line! Everyone step out of the Commission-train passenger carts.

That's right, it's time for the last requested commission picture!
I had quite fun doing all of these and I will most likely at some point do it again.

This one was requested by rielahn from tumblr.

27th November "Master and Apprentice" [Tauren/Troll/Straight/Comm]
When her father had sent her to learn
under his friend's teachings, he didn't expect
what would happen between them.
Especially anything forbidden
between student and her teacher.
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22 November 2016

Tiny train arriving!

The train is late, but sure enough it has arrived once again.
I had to "cheat" little bit with this picture, as I had to enhance the booty to look any good.

This one was requested by sanddragon6 from Darknest-forums.

22th November "One Size Fits All" [Gnome/Human/Straight/Comm]
Gnomes are known to be full of surprises.
Their small size is packed full with goodies,
not to forget their high intelligence and
high and frequent mating urges.
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13 November 2016

Incoming Commission-train choo choo!

Special passenger arriving!
Seems like the Commission-train number six is bringing an NPC
(Breen Ironstock) as next feature.
This one was requested by typhon from Darknest-forums.

13th November "Stablemaster's Duty" [Dwarf/Zoophilia/Comm]
The Argent Crusade at Hearthglen are proud of
their steeds and treat them with the best care they deserves.
Their stablemaster tends to them all day long.
Feeding, nurturing and pampering them,
as she knows( like her colleague down south)
how to tend to the needs of the stallions and mares.
==XL-Size Edti==

06 November 2016

Commission time number five

Commission time!
We are onto number five this time and it is quite sticky!
This one was requested by zhaotheredpanda from tumblr.

6th November "Couple's Sticky Situation" [Tauren/Furbolg/Paizuri/Comm]
Wanting to surprise her mate,
Nuu' coated her body with honey and lied down to wait.
Her mate was more than surprised
with the sight before him, and growled with love and delight.
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