30 November 2014

Turkey Feast

Hi and hello to the few people that are out there.

Time for some lady loving for a change.
No it has nothing to do with the current politics at the moment over here. I had already begun to work on it picture
a while ago and my previous picture did rudely push into the queue to be made first. But now it is finally done and I am quite happy how it turned out. I even made a last second change to fit the ending festive.
What did I work on the longest on the curvy and annoying hidden pudgy nelf? Her hair and her lowerlip that she is biting onto. I am really happy how both of them turned out and even more how her hair looks - at least for me.

But enough of that, time for the picture!
  • 30th November "Pilgrim's Feast" [Lesbian/Human/Nelf/Oral/Nude]

    Happy late Turkey Day 2014!

ps. I've been lately pondering the sizes I make my pictures into. I have the past year or so resized them into smaller size.
To be exact, I shrink them down with 25% so they change from that huge resolution I used to work on - 1900x1400 into 1425x1050. I make them in that huge size, as I like to work on tiny details that I think I myself only notices, but that is my minor OCD. So I am curious what you think. Should I make them into even smaller or is the current size just fine?

Thank you.

16 November 2014

Reading sparks imagination

Here I am again, with yet another picture that might spark someone's imagination.
I was working on a whole different picture already, when I suddenly did get yet another crazy idea that I had to instantly make(or not that instantly, slowly over the day with no hurry). I did weight many different options for this picture but finally ended up with ended up in this picture and I'm actually quite happy with it. I did get to use the new model, with minor difficulties on the textures, but I managed it quite well. If I have to be my worst critic, I still don't really know how to make the semen good and natural looking.

  • 16th November "Reading Sparks Imagination" [Troll/Bukkake/Straight/Solo]

    Finding that one book you really love to read
    over and over again, especially when studying
    arcane magic among the Blood Elves.

11 November 2014


BlizzCon 2014 I actually don’t have much to say about this years BlizzCon or actually any of the previous BlizzCons. I haven’t watched any of them. I’m just not that interested what happens there or what will be announced, I can get those infos from other sources - much like the new IP they announced: Overwatch.
Sure it sounds interesting and totally different what they’ve done before out of the three main series they are milking. But I was more waiting for another Warcraft RTS or even a hd-remake of the first two Warcraft games for their 20th anniversary - or Blackthorn.

So yeah, nothing really to say of the con and what they told. I haven’t been into WoW that much after WotLK(as in playing it). I did play Cataclysm quite half assed, I did level up Selanaar through archaeology to 85 and only did the new areas a year after launch. MoP was quite the same, even if it was more interesting to me than Cata and I got to play with pandas - but I still have over half of the content unplayed and I doubt I’ll ever play the regions or raiding content. Why? I stopped playing WoW back this years spring, or well, I really hadn’t done anything in WoW since October of 2013.

Why do I still make these pictures than? It’s my hobby and I like doing them, even if I take way too much stress over them than I should.
This also was way too long post just to tell my opinion about this years BlizzCon, where I didn’t have much to say in the first place.

04 November 2014


I like to thank all of you who have told their enjoyment to my "spoopy-weeks" pictures. I am really surprised how many people have commented and liked on them here and in tumblr. I know that the pumpkin picture was a crazy idea, but that is the reason why I HAD to make it. I am also quite delighted to see how many of you peeps and lurkers have taken a smiling glance at the night elf spirit of fertility, or really just my friends character as a ghost/wearing a ghost costume.
Anonymous said...
Dude, your friends have good taste in women! Youre just so good, can I post some of your stuff around online? More people need to know of your awesomeness!
Feel free to do that, but do link back to either the pictures post here on blogspot or my tumblr. Also, I do not recommend you to share/post my pictures out least to either rule34-galleries(rule34.xxx & rule34.paheal.net). I time to time post to rule34.xxx, but not into the other - as it is one of the more hostile sites I know. But otherwise, you may post them where you want - where people can post out other peoples works. As a reminder again, if you are going to post my pictures out there, please do check if that kind of pictures is allowed to be posted there and do always link back to the source here or my tumblr.

02 November 2014

Feliz Día de Muerto!

Happy Day of the Dead! It is the end of the "spooooky" week and start of new month at the end of the year.
Hold on! Isn't this the same week when I posted out my Halloween picture? That is correct. I did!
That was odd and quick to post two pictures in one week, but sometimes it happens. But with two pictures this quickly might mean that I won't be able to make up anything before December
and we all know that it will really go until next year.
As to the picture itself, someone might remember what I posted last year for Halloween. Yep, you are correct.
I wanted to do it again, but with different race and character(and also friend of mine insisted me to use his character).

  • 2nd November "Feliz Día de Muerto" [Nelf/Pinup/Ghost]

    Feliz Día de Muerto! Wishes Tessa.
    And me, Cube-heaD.