01 November 2015

Hallow's End 2015 part 3 - Hocus Pocus!

It is already 1st of November over here when I'm posting - hence the date tags.
The "Spooooky" month is over for this year. I managed to make three pictures(one per week) and I'm rather happy with that.
I had many many ideas, which will now wait for another year to be made or forever forgotten(the latter is more likely to happen).
Not any big bang to end with, instead something I had fun making.

1st November "Hallow's End 2015 - Hocus Pocus" [Halloween/Undead/Pinup]

Last picture for Hallow's End 2015
Featuring an witch conjuring creature up from her magic brew,
while her broom is supporting her weight.


Anonymous said...

Happy 2spooky day!

Not a bad undead girl either!

Anonymous said...

Clever idea with her getting groped, awesome!

Anonymous said...

Part of me thinks I should be grossed out, yet the magic you do with huge boobs wins me over. It's your speciality!