22 March 2015

Getting Even with Jester

Here again, hi!
And yes, there are more sticky stuff and scales on this weeks picture.
With the last weeks picture, I did get the idea to come up how our poor Blood Elf lady would get her revenge on the said "Jester".
I had many different ideas, but ended up with this close-up. No luck this time for the belf lass, Goblins are sneaky people.

One week left of this month and Easter is sneaking up on us and Noblegarden with it. So I have to ponder and wonder if I'll make something related to that event or not. I'm definitely not making another anthro picture I did couple of years back. :D

[*]22th March "Getting Even with Jester" [Goblin/Murloc/Gangbang/Bukkake]

Even if she did get her revenge on the Jester,
she didn't know the Jester didn't mind it and uses the spunk in the skin lotion she sells.

Must say, after working with the new models - now Goblins feel old with their stubby fingers, immobile eyes and eyelids that just appears xD
And I know I still need to work so much on the cum. I just can't get it ever look right - least for myself.


Anonymous said...

She kinda looks like she enjoys her punishment!

Nice touch to have her in the background.

Anonymous said...

The cum is getting better, compared to older pics!