18 October 2015

Hallow's End 2015 - Spooky Friends!

Spooky time has begun! Or least Hallow's End has begun in WoW - dunno about actual Halloween.
Never the less, time for something spooooooooky or just weird shit - depending on how you see things.
I couldn't decide what to make pose for the picture, so I ended up using all three ideas I had and I'm quite happy with 2/3 of the picture.
Don't come back bark at me, you knew very well that I do weird pictures.

18th October "Hallow's End 2015 - Spooky Friends" [Halloween/Ghost/Monster/Zombie]

Hallow's End 2015 is here and time to get some spooky, disturbing and weird pictures out!

PS. If someone wants, I do like to hear who of the three would be on the next picture(or all of them).


Anonymous said...

Who we would like for next pic? Sel of course! :D

With some friends? Urdina?

Also good pic you just posted!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I suppose middle spooky friend is ok, busty is usually good :P