15 November 2015

Elise Starseeker!

Here again and now with another new NPC - but from another game.
Few people have already made picture's of her and this is my take of her if she was in WoW.
I know, I know the official pictures gave her clear eyes so her pupils can be seen. But if they made her into WoW, I doubt they would give her unique facial and clothing textures. Also with the limited amount of pictures, it is hard to figure out her hair, as in one she clearly has a long ponytail reaching down past her waistline - which is the one I followed after.
Might have stepped into a bandwagon, but only for a brief moment.

15th November "Elise Starseeker - The Cartographer" [Nelf/Pinup]

Known to most by her code name, The Cartographer, the mysterious Elise is the mastermind behind
countless successful League operations.
She's got a lead on the long-lost Staff of Origination - and she needs your help to find it!


Anonymous said...

Pretty sexy, like her glasses!

Anonymous said...

OO nice, inverted nipples <3