06 April 2015

Noblegarde 2015

It's April and Easter is here along with WoW's edition of it, Noblegarden.
This time I have yet another picture with WoW most loved and hated anthropomorphic amphibians: Murlocs!
This is also the last one where they are the main feature in the picture(for now). It is also this years Noblegarde picture - for now.
As the month has changed, it is time to change the "topic" of the pictures once again and see what I will bring next time.
And don't worry those who are still waiting, I will bring Sel back at some point.

  • 6th April "Noblegarde Prank" [Human/Murloc/Gangbang]

    Happy Noblegarden 2015!
    Be look out for eggs left by the Jester, they might cause unwanted attention.


Anonymous said...

Sel deserves a mini-series, for the long wait =p

Joke's aside, I liked this pic. I forgot human females look so different now, wouldn't mind seeing more of them.

Anonymous said...

^ agreed!

I'm hoping your new theme is a sexy one! <3

Anonymous said...

Dem facial expressions on your ladies. It's the little things!

Anonymous said...

A new theme adventure? I'm excited! Here's hoping for bustiness!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else feel like female humans look like they're from the sims now?