Hello hello hello.

It's snowing sleet, or wait, is it raining? It's mostly water than anything snow. I don't know.
There might be least one or three people out there that finds it surprising that this weeks picture doesn't
contain -any- Murlocs in it. NONE! Just a Iron Dwarf and Draenei doing it.
I've had for a long time in mind to do a female-PoV picture, but other ideas and inspirations always pushed that idea to the side. This isn't the first one, but this one is the first one where the view is more where the face could be - rather than hovering closer to the crotch.

  • 29th March "Through the Eyes of a Lady" [Draenei/Dwarf/Straight/POV]

    The Dark Irons might still be shunned by their peers,
    but they sure aren't picky or turn down a good time - like any Dwarf.