11 October 2015

Week between two WoW-holidays!

Time for a non-festive/holiday picture before Hallow's End begins next weekend.
I had many different ideas for this weekends upload(s) and I ended up with this one. The major theme was to use a female Tauren in the picture - as it has been nearly a full year since I last time made one! D:
Like I typed earlier, I had many ideas where one that I did start was a Grimtotem Tauren having a bath or something, while three murlocs(yes, murlocs) would be getting "milked" by her. Maybe I'll do that one some other time.

This weekend picture was quite a time-killer for some reason, took me more than I thought it would take. Biggest reason I think was the leafs on their shoulderpads and how long I spent time to get them look even a little bit decent. Another reason I think could have been letting youtube play on my second monitor >_>;

11th October "Moment of Healing Touch" [Nelf/Tauren/Straight]

Not all druids need to be in feral-form to get into heat.

Starting next week(hopefully): Spooooooky pictures!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, spooky pictures! Your haloween pictures are always so... busty <3

Anonymous said...

Nice druid-tastic pic!