24 December 2015

Winter Veil 2015 Part 3

It's Christmas Eve! Winter Veil Eve!
For many it means family gathering and feasting on Christmas dinner and opening presents during evening. Others feast it on Christmas Day when they get presents in the morning.
What does this has to do with todays picture? I guess it contains the words "feast", "Christmas" and "Mrs. Claus/Winter".

24th December "Treat for Mrs. Winter" [Dwarf/Gnome/Tease/Oral]

While Greatfather Winter is busy meeting with the children and preparing for the big event,
Mrs. Winter stays behind and helps the Lil' Helpers by baking cookies and cooking porridge.
The Lil' Helpers does appreciate this and return treats for her.


Anonymous said...

No Sel for the grand finale? Ah well got my hopes up :P merry Christmas cube!

Anonymous said...

Mm need more gnome and dwarves. :D