19 April 2015

Too small package

Here again, like always during the weekend.

I have a new picture to show to you few people. It isn't anything special, but it is still something to look at.
I don't have lot to really tell about this weeks picture. I had some trouble with the angles and poses, but I think I managed them in the end and created this teasing picture. You can nearly smell the musk - or not really, it's just a digital image in front of you on your monitor.

19th April "Too Small Package" [Orc/Draenei]

Don't you hate when your underwear are too small.

That was awfully little to write about, but really nothing much to tell. So, um... Have you seen the new series(14) of lego mini-figures? They are Halloween-themed!
Okay, I'm out. Until next week!


Anonymous said...

Not a bad pic, too many male Drae though, need female ones to off-balance =p

Anonymous said...

Do all of your updates come in the weekend? I never noticed.