25 October 2015

Hallow's End 2015 part 2 - Zombie Girl

Time for a new spoooooooky picture! It really isn't that spooky, just full of rotting flesh and disturbing looking.
I had some trouble with this picture, as I couldn't decide with the angle and what undead/monster would be using the poor living dead without lower jaw.
This picture also reminded me why I don't do close-up pictures using old models. I curse you, Undead Ice Troll models, I trusted you!
One more week, then it's end of spooky month. Cya!

25th October "Hallow's End 2015 - Zombie Girl's Mouthful" [Halloween/Undead/Oral/Straight]

Hallow's End 2015 part 2.
Without lower jaw, it is hard to say no.

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